Ladies, (and Mompreneurs), I just LOVE my new pair of shoes! 

Granted, they weren’t the most expensive or impressive, but they are pretty and they mean more to me than just a pair of shoes.  They are, in fact, a symbol.

These shoes symbolize where I’m going…

mompreneurs in heels

whereas these shoes…symbolize where I’ve been for years:  In my comfort zone.

mompreneurs in heels

To be truthful, I’ve been working around the clock, raising a family, working on hobbies, and learning.  As a life-long learner I’m constantly in learning mode.  But here’s the fact about business: you simply have got to put on those “heels”, roll up your sleeves, and get to work doing something you know will make you the money you deserve.

Although I’ve been working for years, I haven’t always been working at what I love, or working with focus and clarity.  But I’ve been working nonetheless.

What I want to share with you is a powerful message of how this is YOUR time and YOUR season to get up and get to work on those projects you’ve placed on hold for so long. It’s time to see your dreams come to past and your vision come to fruition.

Enjoy the video …

What is a mompreneur?

She understands her offerings and gifts to the world, and she capitalizes on that for an income.  Her income helps to support herself, and her family.  Meanwhile, she is also raising children.  The mompreneur has special interests that should be addressed because of her role as a mother. She works hard, but she works smart.  Although there are many challenges to being a mompreneur, there are also many benefits.

So leave me a message. What are your thoughts? How have you been working? Have you been working at things you enjoy? Have you been able to turn your hard work into an income? Let me know your thoughts.

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