For this post, I had to dig way back: way back to 2014 when I was first re-building my tech consulting business. I found that I had some true nuggets to offer mompreneurs about using web success strategies to jumpstart your online business. I realize there is wisdom in the old nuggets, so I’m revisiting some older content which is all about coining some different techniques for pulling together a successful web based business.

I believe your blog should start with your brilliant business idea and passion.  Next, I think you should consider some different online strategies and venues for promotion of your business.

The cool thing is that all of this can be done online- and that’s saying a lot for busy moms with a heart for her family and for business.

Web success strategies I discussed in the video 

  • Creating digital products (and adding them to a service-based business.)

As of the summer of 2016, I finally completed my first major digital product- my book, Mompreneurs in Heels:A Guide to Passionate, Purposeful Blogging– and I’ve found this to be an excellent basis from which to serve my clients.

It wasn’t an easy process, but looking back I’m really glad I took those many months to write and edit, and the six weeks to refine the book and publish it.  I just had to make up my mind to get moving and to do it.

  • Creating a service (adding it onto a predominantly product-based business).

I tried to shy away from service-based business for a few years.  Between 2014-2016 I have announced on several occasions (like on my podcast and newsletters) that I was going to focus mainly on offering digital products, and not so much services.  (My services are website design and maintenance, podcasting consulting, and WordPress coaching). I offer a few more tech-related services, but that’s the gist of it.

Although I’ve been on the fence about offering services, I recently have finally come to terms with the fact that my services really are needed.

Between December and February of 2017 website design and podcast consulting clients have been flowing into my life more quickly than I can count- all a God-blessing I know- and definitely unplanned! How can I say “no” when the need is clearly there?

So…I’m back to both a product and service-based business- and I’m perfectly okay with that for now.

As a woman in business, you have to decide what’s right for you during this season of your life. Will you offer products only?  Services only?  Both? Figure out what works for you and set out in that direction.

  • Authoring and speaking.

Speaking is something I haven’t done yet (besides podcasting), but it’s definitely in the works.

I appreciate mompreneurs like  Theresa Ceniccola, and many other speaker moms who are making it happen!

(Just a side note: it’s always a good idea to have business women in your life you aspire to or who influence to be a better you.)

  • Creating and promoting ebooks and other digital products (reports, worksheets and workbooks, audios, videos)

This is where I have found my real drive- in creating workbooks, podcasts, ebooks, and such. It’s easy for me to sit behind the laptop and create something from my heart, and sell it; at least, easier than offering a platter of services.

But I’m finally finding my niche in both worlds: services and products.  Products are neat because you make it, sell it, and walk away while watching it work its magic! Products make money for you when you’re eating, sleeping, and hanging out with your kids.

So, here’s the video I promised you from 2014…take a look and tell me what you think.

What are some success strategies you use to build and promote your online business?

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