One thing I’ve come to realize over my 14+ years of blogging is that these skills are transferable. Blogging is a learn-as-you-go kind of endeavor but what you learn in blogging is so invaluable.

Believe it or not, blogging can land you a great job and open up a myriad of opportunities for you. Although my main focus on this blog is to help entrepreneurs make money with an independent blogging lifestyle, you can definitely advance your career through blogging and get eyes on your resume.

If you’re working at a job and blog part-time, these skills you learn in blogging can help to boost your CV and make you more desirable in your market.

There are many bloggers who have taken this to heart and have used their blogging skills to advance in their industry.

For example, Becky from A Dose of B mentioned her blog during an interview and got a nod of approval because her tech skills made her stand out.

Jess from Jess Who landed a career in digital marketing and was offered a role on the content marketing team at because of her blog. You can read more about solopreneurs who landed gigs because of their blogging on Charlotte’s site: Blog and Beyond.

And just for some number crunching (I like numbers!), statistics show that the average person changes jobs 10-15 times in his or her career. That’s a lot of job-switching and different skills that are acquired in each job!

In fact, in today’s job market, employees are looking for transferable skills. What you learn on any job can transfer, and this includes blogging.I

If you view blogging as a career path in the following fields, you can see how closely related these transferrable skills are:

  • writing
  • journalism
  • photography
  • social media management
  • editing
  • video production (for vloggers)
  • audio production (for podcasters)
  • team management
  • tech training
  • advertising/marketing
  • distribution (for those who sell physical products)

Can you see how many of these skills from each field overlap each other? Can you see how bloggers do so much of this stuff daily without even realizing it?

It’s important to see how much you actually produce as a content creator! Once you realize how much you offer, you can evaluate this in light of discovering what you’re good at and then use those skills to the max in your blogging efforts. Do what you’re good at the most and you’ll have a more meaningful, purposeful blog.

If you know how much you actually produce, how much you give to your readers (or how much you plan to give once you begin blogging), you can more clearly identify your favorite ways of delivering that awesome content.

Transferable skills bloggers have:


When you blog, you write constantly. Does this make you a professional writer? Okay, maybe not, but it definitely gives you a lot of writing practice as you perfect this skill constantly. Each time you craft and publish a blog post you are practicing writing skills.

Writing includes knowing how to craft great paragraphs and weaving together a story that draws your readers in and keeps them engaged. It also includes knowing syntax, proper spelling and how to use tools like the thesaurus (or a quick google search) to find words with similar meanings so that we can better express ourselves.

Over time, those who blog weekly will improve in writing skills. This skill can be transferred to so many different industries besides writing and is a foundational one for most jobs even beyond clerical.


Again, just like with writing, editing can take some time to become adept at. Syntax structure, punctuation and capitalization, word usage- all of these things are important to remember when proofreading what we’ve written before we hit “publish”. Thankfully, Grammarly takes care of a lot of this work, but it’s still an important skill to master and something that you can offer services for if you’re really great at it!

Plus, if you’re editing a report for your boss and you catch all of her errors before she sends to a huge client, she’ll thank you many times over. Great editing transfers well in the workforce.

Content Marketing

Not every blogger is great at marketing in the beginning, but the longer you blog, the better you become at pushing your content out to the world.

I learned how to really get “out there” once I started my homeschool blog mainly because of my homeschool YouTube channel. Vlogging has a way of pushing you out of your comfort zone!

Content marketing is crucial in order to have a successful blog, and the skills you learn in promoting your content across social media channels are perfect to place on your CV.

If you’re looking for work while you build your blog and need to beef up your resume, just know that your skills as a blogger definitely transfer to the workplace. Don’t let a work gap scare you or hold you back from applying for a position you really want. (Mine is a pretty lengthy one as I’ve been a work at home mom for 15 years.)

Make sure you include all your marketing skills that you learned through blogging such as:

  • storytelling
  • prioritizing projects
  • creating workflows
  • collaboration
  • developing brand messaging
  • content distribution


Whether you manage your social media or you manage a team that manages your social media, you likely have management skills as a blogger. You will begin to acquire more experience in this area the longer you blog since your blog will grow and you will need help!

Make sure you take into account this invaluable skill. Companies are always on the lookout for individuals who can manage teams and basically keep systems running smoothly. You don’t have to do all the work or get your hands in the trenches much of the time. Many times what companies are looking for are individuals who can lead, manage, and execute huge projects, being sure that each team member is on his or her task.

If you have been managing a blogging team of any sort-a team of guest writers or virtual assistants- then you definitely have management experience.

Be sure to place this on your resume.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is such a much-desired skillset in the workforce. If you have either managed your own or another company’s social media accounts, then, hands-down, you have to count this on your CV.

I tried to include much of my blogging skills on my resume in LinkedIn because I just never know when a company (or recruiter) may take a look and reach out to me.

Planning content and scheduling out posts is both time-consuming and takes practice. You not only have to plan out the content, which is time-consuming and takes a great deal of thought, but then you need to sit down and schedule it out. For this, you have to know the right tools to use.

Since not all social media tools are alike, you’re left to figure out which of these works better with the way you think and process systems. Then once you find a great social media tool that flows well, you have to learn the tech side of things and actually learn to use the tool...which can take time.

If you are currently doing all of this yourself, you have the kind of experience that many companies-large and small- are looking for.

Social media management is one of many transferable skills that are well in demand today, so I would definitely make the most of this experience by including the details of it on my resume.

I hope this post has encouraged you that you have all the transferable skills you need as a blogger to make it in today’s workforce. If you have to work a 9-5, just know that your time as a blogger was definitely not wasted.

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