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I’ve spoken to a host of women business owners over the course of a decade that I’ve been coaching and mentoring. You want to know why many mompreneurs never move forward in their desire to start an online business?  I’ve found one common theme to be the guilty culprit: lack of a plan.
If you want to find success in your online business, you either have to start one or get moving in the direction of excelling what you already have.  Do you want to blog more regularly? If it results in increasing your bottom line, then the results are worth your efforts to plan for regular blogging. Do you want to factor in a social media strategy? Then get started now rather than later. The time is NOW.
Obviously, I have a passion for helping would-be mompreneurs get started- and for the next few months, that is my special niche.  If you haven’t already begun your online business, the following three steps will help to bring your online business idea into a reality.
Tap into your passions.
You don’t have a credible business without a passion for your chosen niche.  You need to back up your idea with some energy-boosting love for the business concept. It’s got to be something you can talk about all day and a product or service you can deliver with ease- because you love it! Tap into those gifts, talents, and motivations and turn your passions into a business plan that you can move forward in with confidence.

Give yourself permission.

Many women don’t give themselves permissions to move forward in their God-given abilities to make money from what they know and love.  It all starts with you, my Friend. You have to love yourself enough and believe in yourself enough to give yourself the permission you need to move forward.  Sure, it helps if family and friends are supportive. But, if you’re in an unfortunate situation where you’re not receiving the support you deserve, sometimes you have to gather up your wits and move forward anyway.
When you have prayerful peace about your plans, then give yourself permission and do what you’ve been called to do.

Create a strategy.

Habakuk 2:2
Write the vision; make it plain…
It’s not enough to have a passion for business.  Neither is it enough to give yourself permission to get going.  What a successful business all boils down to is the official plan.  Without a plan you don’t have a foundation for your business.  Writing it all down and creating that strategy will bring your business planning into a fruitful reality. Make it plain for yourself, so that you are very clear where you are today and where you would like to go. Create a vision map, speak life words over your business each day, and move forward in the strategies as outlined in your planning- and you will find rewards for your labors.
In short, success doesn’t happen overnight.  You really do have to work at it.  The good news is- there is time to work on it, and the time is NOW.  If you do just a little each day, putting a foot forward-one at a time-you’ll find that you’ve reached your destination sooner than later.
To your Web Success!

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