Okay, so if you’ve been at this blogging game for a while I’m sure you’ve picked up the newest and latest rules over the course of time about how to make shareable content on your blog.

But what if you’re not sure you have content that is shareable?  What does this all mean anyway?

That’s why I’m here to help 🙂

You have shareable content when readers feel attracted to your post title.

Is your blog post title attractive in some way?  Fun and engaging?  Edgy or controversial?  Informative?  How do you peek your readers’ attention with your posts?

You could ask a provocative question or give a how-to hook, but whatever you do, make sure your title draws them in.

Does your content add value to your title?

If you’ve got the catchy title, just make sure your content follows suit and backs it up with good information.  There’s nothing like a reader grabbing that catchy hook, taking the bait to visit your site- then finding out that your post flopped in comparison to the title that grabbed their attention.

If you say you’re going to give the latest on Paris Hilton, then when they land on your page, you better have some news to share!

In all honesty, readers come for content and they just want to know that they’re getting what you promised out in the social media networks.  So if you broadcast it, be sure to back it up.

Do you have plenty of social media sharing options in your post?

This one’s a biggie- although I might say a no-brainer in today’s social media world.  If you don’t have social media sharing options on each and every blog post, you’re missing out on a major opportunity to allow others to share your content.

Use plugins like sociable or shareaholic– but whatever you do, find a sharing plugin, get it installed, and make it available for others to use.  You can use it too!

So how about your blog?  Do you have shareable content? If you haven’t already, which of these strategies will you put into place?

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