How should you go about setting your goals into motion?

You already have that tremendously gorgeous business idea and you can’t wait to see it hoppin’…but one problem: when do you find the time?  

How do you do it all?

Where do you start?

Since the beginning of 2014 I have been busy behind the scenes, working furiously at catching up on the two-year (plus) hiatus I took away from working my solo business so that I could raise my young children.  When I first started my web business coaching and consulting in 2004 I created  goals for my business that with time shifted into a different set of goals each year as my business transitioned.

One of the most important things I learned is that regardless of how you go about doing it, you absolutely need to create and set business goals for yourself. This is what I’m doing for myself now- with each passing year.

Creating your business goals is one thing, but sometimes- I tell ya- setting them into motion is a whole different ball game.

Here are a few tips that have helped me over the years to remain consistent with my goals.

Here’s how you can go about setting your goals into motion.

Plan goals that are in tandem with your business vision for the year.

Look at your business for the scope of the entire year and make a note of what you’d like to accomplish throughout the course of the year.

  • Which projects would you like to complete? (books to write, services to offer, products to produce and introduce)
  • How would you like to connect with your blog readers? (blog topics to discuss, giveaways, social media, newsletters)
  • How do you plan to keep your client connection and client work happening while maintaining your own business?

These are all important questions to think about, and will help you solidify your goals.

Answer the above questions, then move on to setting them into motion.

Find tools, resources, and support networks that will help you get the job done.

When setting your goals into motion, you’ll absolutely need to uncover your own goldmine of resources that can help you accomplish your goals.  You can see my list of favorite tools here.

But mostly, you’re going to need a dose of “roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-busy”.  There’s just no getting around it.

Once you’ve found your favorite tools and resources, and you surround yourself with like-minded people, it’s time to put your goals into action.  

Here’s what I do:

  • Write down my random thoughts in a notebook or journal.
  • Organize these thoughts in Google Drive/Docs.
  • Create my vision board- again in Google Drive/Docs.  This is also where I visualize the kind of business I want to see happening for me one year from now.
  • Develop my mission statement, core values, and determine my specific vision- making sure it falls into alignment with my personal and spiritual values and is the right timing for not only myself but the important people in my life (my family).
  • Write down the projects I want to offer my clients as a result of my mission/vision and projected dates to have these rolled out.
  • Create long-term (year at a glance), then short -term (monthly/weekly/daily) goals that I should accomplish throughout the year.  This is where my Google Calendar is my best friend.
  • Stay consistent.

Do you need specific helps with goal-setting and planning your business? If you do, don’t hesitate to let me know how I can be of help to you.

Until then- what are some ways you’ve been able to set your goals into motion this year?  Have you been successful at it?  If not, what is holding you back? Leave me a comment!


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