I used to think that my blogging niche was part of an oversaturated market…and I was right. It was very much saturated. Both my niches, in fact (homeschooling and blogging helps), were filled up with bloggers and voices other than mine…voices that gave similar advice. Bloggers that wrote the same kind of content as I did.

 How to stand out in an oversaturated market.

So what did that mean for me? Absolutely not a thing.

I’ll admit, initially I thought that if there were too many blogs on my topic that I should just forget about starting a blog on the same topic. How could I truly stand out an oversaturated market?

But I soon realized I was wrong. It was possible to stand out. In this post I’ll share with you a few ways I’ve discovered how to make this work.

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With just a few key elements to help me stand out I learned that I didn’t have to back down on a blog idea simply because the idea is already out there. I’m glad I came to this conclusion because it freed me up to blog what I’m passionate about without being afraid that it won’t be successful.

Here’s what to do when your blog niche shows up all over the web in an unfortunate case of an “oversaturated market”.

Understand your niche.

One of the first things I always do when starting a blog is really get to know my reader. I want to know who they are and what their struggles are. Getting to know my reader really well helps me to deliver content she likes. (Notice I said “she”. The majority of my readers are female. It really helps to know who I’m reaching!)

If you know your reader’s pain points and struggles, you can write a blog post just for them. For my reader, a mompreneur and aspiring blogger, I can, hopefully, help her solve her blogging dilemmas. I can create products just for her and address her needs specifically.

Figure out what your reader wants and give it to them.

oversaturated market

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One of the best ways to stand out in your niche is to solve problems. You do this by understanding your niche.

Do what others aren’t willing to do.

When I first began blogging around 14 years ago I realized right away that blogs were springing up a dime a dozen and I would have to do a lot more than average in order to stand out.

When blogging on WordPress made its first push into the online world and became a thing circa 2005 or so, I noticed that all the WordPress sites looked alike. It was a drab grey template, generally three columns with a header. Most folks I noticed were simply adding a text to the header and keeping the general weblog look and feel.

Boring, right?

Create a unique brand in an oversaturated market.

So in order to stand out I had to jazz up my header. Add my picture. Add some color to the template and differentiate it from all the other blogs. Basically, make it my own. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was learning the art of branding.

Nowadays it’s a common must-have to begin your blog with a personalized brand that stands out visually. But what about standing out in other ways?

Start a podcast or interview guests.

If for no other reason, your blog will stand out automatically with a podcast. It takes a bit of up-front investment: figuring out your podcast goals, purchasing the equipment you need, and learning to find awesome brands to interview…but at the end of the day you’ve done something entirely different with your blog just by adding a podcast.

With a podcast or interview series, you will most definitely stand out. Here’s my post on four reasons you should consider starting a podcast.

Provide excellent customer service.

Maybe your thing is cultivating relationships with your readers. Then let that be the thing that helps you to stand out in the crowd.

I was recently chatting with Susie from Start a Mom Blog and realized just how awesome her customer service is. She replies quickly to all of her emails, even if you just have a simple question about blogging. People love her for it and I was impressed by her quick reply to me.This is a pretty profound way to keep a positive relationship going with your tribe!

Free yourself to be yourself.

Most of all, don’t be afraid to do you. Be yourself and don’t be convinced otherwise. Your blog is unique and you have to free yourself to do things in a way that represents fully who you are. No faking here!

Every blogger has her own set of goals. Set your own girls, work them, and don’t look around. Don’t second guess yourself, especially if you’re comfortable with your style and the way you bring it.

Yes, teaching folks to blog is a HUGE market right now, and one that you can definitely call an oversaturated market. For example, Susie and I have similar ideas for helping people (through online blogging courses), but we have our own unique ways of offering this info. And although we both reach moms, we reach them in different ways.

Leslie Samuel of Become a Blogger is another blogging coach online that I truly admire. He has been around for a good while and his courses and coaching services are well established. But the fact that he is one of thousands of blogging coaches doesn’t make him shy away from offering his services and courses. Being in an oversaturated market hasn’t stopped him from doing his thing! I truly admire that about Leslie. Leslie offers his services his way, and because of his uniqueness, people love him. He found his tribe. You can find yours too- even in an oversaturated market.

Just do what you do the way you do it, and be perfectly okay with that. When you accept yourself others will embrace you too.

Have these tips been helpful? I sure hope so!

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