Some might say you can learn to be happy in whatever situation you find yourself.  After all, true contentment isn’t necessarily found in  many of the side perks we may receive as business owners who really enjoy life and where we’re headed.  Happiness goes far deeper than what we long for on the surface.

There is a biblical passage by Paul that notes:

…I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content.

However, if we apply the “contentment” concept to every situation-  to what degree can we (or will we) stretch its boundaries into complacency?  

Is it okay to strive for more?

Is it okay to long for, work towards, and achieve happiness?

This is the question that mompreneurs, solopreneurs and women in business have to face daily.

Many times we suffer guilt as a result of desiring more, wanting to achieve, and actually admitting to enjoying money. As a Christian, many people of my faith believe that the more money someone has, the more likely they are to become discontent or full of themselves. Automatically, the idea is that money somehow pushes us away from God. My take on that?

These are mindsets that are definite roadblocks to achieving monetary success– as well as overall happiness.

As an entrepreneur (no matter your faith or philosophical belief), your belief about money will affect whether or not you’re able to attain it, hold on to it, and use it for the good of your community and society at large.

We all know it takes money to make a difference in this world, but as women we are many times afraid to enjoy the pursuit of it.  It really is a game- and in order to be in business, we must learn to play the game well- and enjoy it.

Believe it or not, we can actually find happiness in the art of our life work- which, hopefully, leads to success in many areas- including monetary.  What you do for a living affects your happiness level.

Can we be happy pursuing money?

Can we be happy with our current job or position?

I truly believe with all of my heart, that as an entrepreneur, you have a unique opportunity to create a life for yourself that you can fully enjoy.  And yes, it’s okay to pursue happiness.  In fact, many companies are embracing this idea for their employees and happiness movements have begun, encouraging the masses that at some point, our happiness level affects the rest of our livelihood and those around us.

Personally, I find my happiness and completeness in my faith in God.  But just as I believe God created me, I also believe that He made me for many specific purposes and missions, and that I’m placed on this earth for a reason.  Therefore, the work that I do should stem out of my connection to my purpose and passions.  If I’m doing what I love and others are positively influenced, I feel that I can happily earn my monetary recompense.

In other words, making money is a whole lotta fun!

And back to my quote by the apostle Paul about contentment. I believe he was right.  Whatever position we happen to be in- be content.  There is always a life lesson to extract from your current position- so take the time to learn it now so that you won’t have to re-learn it.  But I’m also pretty hopeful he didn’t intend to encourage the recipients of his letter to remain sick or impoverished or without their needs being met.

We can enjoy money, we can pursue money, and we can pursue happiness.  Happiness and money are not synonymous, but if you’re not struggling to pay your bills, it definitely increases your happiness level, wouldn’t you say?

So, this post is to encourage you- and to release you- from the fear or pursuing business and money. Once we get past the roadblocks of making money, you’ll find your ability to be successful online will soar!

What are your thoughts on this topic?  Leave me a message.


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