Why don’t we chase our business dreams?

I talk to mompreneurs all the time who tell me the only reason they’re able to accomplish what they do is because they persevered. But for a large majority of us, giving up all too soon is the easy way out of not fulfilling our dreams.  We don’t mean to, but life just happens. I’ve been observing this phenomenon in women in business (including myself!) and I wonder why we oftentimes find ourselves taking two steps forward, only to take three backward.  Here are some common reasons we don’t chase our dreams in business.

Fear of failure.

This is probably the most common of all the reasons we tend to back down when it comes to starting up that new blog and getting our online business set up.  Fear of failure is quite common because we just don’t know what’s around the corner.

Sometimes we’re afraid that we’ll sink too much money or time or energy into a project only to come out on the other end with nothing left to speak for ourselves.

But you have to remind yourself that this kind of thinking will hold you back from making that first move.  You can’t free yourself to take a first step if you’re intimidated by the prospect of what might be.  And to be perfectly honest, our fears generally end up never coming to past.  Once you get past that initial hump you’ll find the faith and freedom to finally get going with your blog and selling your first product!

Waiting for the right time.

Yep, we procrastinate by waiting and waiting and waiting.  And what are we waiting on?  The right time?  Friend, let me tell you: there is no right time.  Honestly, there is no such thing as a perfect time to begin working on your dreams.

Now, you don’t have to have it all together today. You don’t have to know how to get to point C.  If you’re at point A, just focus on getting to B.  If you have young kids at home, it’s okay if you’re unable to travel for book signings.  If you don’t feel comfortable pursuing a writing contract, you don’t have to put your book on hold until your kids are off to college because there are other options for you, mama.  For you, that might mean authoring an ebook which you write during your baby’s naps and selling on your blog.  Or maybe you begin writing articles for national magazines and eventually decide to publish independently.

But the point is, you don’t need to keep putting your dreams on hold when there are small things you can do behind the scenes during each season of your life to prepare you for the eventual season when you’ll have all the time in the world.  In other words, your kids will grow up, but you’ll never grow out of your dream.  Your life purpose and destiny will still be in tact decades from now, but if you are faithful with what you can do today, you’ll find yourself better equipped for your tomorrow.

Fear of what others might think.

Yes, many of us are afraid of what others think. Let’s just be honest. I know many times we say that we don’t care.  But we really do.  Otherwise, why do we feel so awkward when our cousin tells us:

“Girl, I would never waste so much of my time blogging.  Get out and get a real job!”

Okay, so maybe that was a little overboard. Maybe she simply said:

“So…um…are you still blogging? How’s that going? Do you make any money with it?”

Either way, you’re bound to feel intimidated of this little interrogation. You start to feel as though you have to defend yourself and your dreams.

My advice: surround yourself with people who will build you up. If you know that cousin of yours doesn’t support your dream, then don’t let her in on your dream territory. There are certain sacred places in your life where you shouldn’t let just anyone in. Your dreams is one of those.

Uncertainty of what the future holds.

Nobody knows what’s around the corner.  Yes, it’s scary, but it’s also exciting.  We must live by faith as the Apostle Paul says in 2 Corinthians 5:7.

We live by faith, not by sight.

If I tried to plan out every little thing that would happen on my blogs and in my online business, life wouldn’t be exciting.  As much as I believe in having a good plan to optimize your success and mapping out my blogging plan, there’s a certain amount of uncertainty that comes with the territory of owning a business.  You never know who you’ll meet, who will hire you,  which wonderful colleagues and friendships you’ll  encounter as a result of your business, or the insights on  your life that will shine light onto your purpose.

Is anything holding you back from chasing your online business and blogging dreams?

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