Here’s a bit of mompreneur advice I think you’ll appreciate

I noticed something that my husband does really well: and that’s compartmentalizing.  I don’t think it’s just a man-thing, though. I believe it’s a notion that every mompreneur should really think about when managing business from home.  Compartmentalizing your business is an important concept.

If you’re struggling with keeping business from spilling over into family time, I’ve prepared a video to assist with you. Believe me, I’m in throes of this as well, and the concepts here are applicable to each of us as we endeavor to be the best we can be no matter which hat (or pair of shoes) we’re wearing.

In a nutshell:

Plan to have your space allotted for business by getting some help. Getting the help you need is important.

Be sure to take some time for you, (renewing your spirit, eating healthy, exercising), and be sure not to neglect any part of your life.

Set aside time for yourself, but take time for your family also.

Enjoy the video, and leave some feedback.

Question for you: how do you compartmentalize in business?


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