This week, our Facebook group has been talking about list building.

Watch my list building video to understand why I believe it’s so important to get that list started if you haven’t already!

Why is it important to start your list building strategies?

You want to get your prospects coming back to your site over and over again.  Repeat traffic is especially important in Google.  Also, you’ll want to share your content with the same readers again and again who enjoy your offerings. If they’re on your list, you can let them know when you’ve come out with something new just for them.

Your list is your #1 asset. You can export and take this list with you to any mailing list provider, and this is your list. These are your followers, your interested subscribers.  They absolutely want to hear from you because they signed up to do so.  What if someone signs up just for your freebie and walks off?  That’s okay, too.  Count it as a loss worth the investment. You’ll have more people interested in your offerings than you will those who are just mooching off your freebies.

Lastly, in list building, you’ll want to be a solution. When building your list, remember the reason your prospects are signing up with their email.  Not everyone is on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram.  You can’t reach everyone through social media, but you can reach your true tribe of followers when you send them a personalized email.  They signed up because they needed a solution to a problem.  If you offer that solution, you will be a gem to them.

I hope these tips are helpful to you. I love bringing you tips that motivate and inspire you to keep on doing you, mompreneur!

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