Welcome to the REAL and the RAW. I figured it was due time that I started writing some step-by-step tutorials and show you the inside scoop of what is happening here at my blog.

How I Plan to Drive Traffic To My Blog: an up close and personal account for 2019

I’ll admit…at the time of this writing I have a long way to go to meet my goals for this blog. This series will be honest and raw, and you’ll get to see my progress on this blog as I begin to put a lot more energy into growing it in this upcoming year. I will show you in this post how I plan to drive traffic to my blog in 2019.

And just so you know- I am not new to blogging and have begun a LOT of them since 2004. I’ve designed for clients and helped them with their blogging strategies. You know how it is, always helping other people but failing to help ourselves… but it is time for me to now focus on my own blog.

And just for a bit more back story before I begin:  I’ve enjoyed growing one of my more successful blogs (or at least what I consider successful for me at the time), where I’ve made the bulk of my income the past seven years.

But I’ll be honest: I just haven’t put in the time and energy to make this blog grow.

Why? Especially since that is my passion: helping women grow their blogs and make money with it.

–>Here’s the story:

I started Mompreneurs in Heels in 2016 with the idea that it would simply be a holding spot, or a sales page, to house my book.

Then I decided to move my podcast over and rebrand it as the Mompreneurs in Heels Podcast. So now I had a book and a podcast.

But then…I kind of felt badly about not putting up more content. (Most of my energy was going to my other blog)…so I started putting together a makeshift blogging strategy to sort of keep this one afloat.

What does this mean? 

It means the strategies I used for previous blogs I’ve owned have worked, because I WORKED them. But here at Mompreneurs in Heels I got caught in a not-so-great blogging cycle where I didn’t purposefully plan to drive traffic to my blog. It was a cycle that looks like: start…then pause…then stop for a season…then start again. You know that cycle? As a blogger is this familiar to you (or am I on my own here)?

I wasn’t as consistent with this blog as I’ve been with others, and we I know that consistency is the best way to gain client trust.

So I don’t recommend you do what I did  the past two years on this blog. In fact, I recommend you follow the strategies I used on my first blog, and if you want to dig deeper you can purchase my blogging course to learn the ropes of blogging if you are a beginner.

I want to end 2018 and start 2019 with a clear blogging strategy for this blog, but this time around I want to let you in on the backend of things and show you what’s happening. I will be honest and transparent and you can see that there is no magic trick to getting more traffic. It’s just hard work.

The Real…

Currently in December of 2018, if you asked me if I drive traffic to my blog  here at Mompreneurs in Heels, I would have to honestly tell you “not much”. After checking my stats I realize the truth of the matter.  It’s as if I just created the blog last month. Instead, it has been two years.

So, don’t feel badly if you are not getting the traffic you want right away. It takes time and work. I haven’t REALLY been working this blog. Business, yes. Blog…not so much.

“So…how are you making money on your blog?” you might be asking.

Like I mentioned before, my bigger blog is driving the most traffic and has the bigger mailing list so I use that one often to leverage this blog baby. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes. ?

I also use social media to drive traffic to my blog to showcase seasonal discounts and specials I’m having on my services. I mention everything on my podcast and I send out emails to my list. My email lists and listener audience are, thankfully, bigger than my blog traffic, so this has been working for me so far and allows me the clients I need to keep money flowing in.

I offer services, products and sponsored posts. Again, this helps a lot with keeping an income rolling in.

However…it’s time to up my blogging game, and I’m super excited about it!

How I plan to do to increase my traffic in the next month.

Because I’m sharing this publicly, that means I’m holding myself accountable. You will get updates as I add to this series each month, so if I skip a month you have to tap me on the shoulder and let me know.

–>Up my Pinterest strategy.

So far, my Pinterest traffic is not too bad (although it has declined in the past month)…

Pinterest strategy 2019

I’ve been learning all about the ins and outs of Pinterest with Melyssa Griffin’s Pinfinite Growth course. I’m planning to implement much of her strategies to increase traffic back to my blog for the month of December. Pinterest accounts for so much blog traffic growth for so many bloggers that I decided not to pursue Facebook ads any time soon. If I can get free, organic traffic from just ramping up my Pinterest game, then why not?

One of the things Melyssa recommends is joining group boards, so I’ll be looking for boards related to entrepreneurship, business, and blogging.

Another thing I’ll need to do (which is going to be loads of work) is to go back and recreate my pin images so that they fit my blog theme and work for Pinterest also. I need to make them more attractive and take time to create catchier headlines on my posts so they get more clicks.

I’m currently in the processing of restructuring my boards, deleting ones that weren’t gaining much traffic and merging some. I placed my business boards at the top and my homeschool ones a bit lower now that I’m focusing more on my business blog. My goal is to eventually change the cover image of my boards to make them all uniform and pretty.

From everything I’ve read and learned over the past year, Pinterest is a MAJOR traffic driver for blogs. In my personal experience, I’ve had great success with it on my homeschool blog. I just need to make Pinterest work for Mompreneurs in Heels now.


  • join more group boards related to my niche
  • restructure my boards
  • finish Pinfinite Growth

–>Grow my mailing list

I’m currently still with Mailchimp just because I’ve been too hesitant to switch over to anything else (although I did try Convertkit two years ago before I switched back), but I have already outgrown the free Mailchimp account long ago.

I’m finding, though, that more advanced features like list segmenting may be a little easier with another provider. We’ll see. I may switch back to Convertkit soon, but for now I’m good with Mailchimp since it integrates well with Bloom, which is my opt-in creator.

I installed a footer opt-in on every page of my blog as well as a new popup that, hopefully this time, won’t irritate my site visitors. (That last one I installed with Mailchimp was PAINFUL! You couldn’t see how to close the popup and I’m sure it annoyed the heck out of everyone who landed on my page. Which explains low engagement and conversions.) This time, thanks to Bloom by Divi themes, I can use popups in moderation and seamlessly.


I’m also planning to add content upgrades to each of my blog posts. Yes, this will take a while, but it will be so worth it to have this on each and every post (which, so far, is working out just fine with the footer opt-in), but I’d like to add more.


  • place content upgrades on most blog posts
  • determine if I will leave or keep Mailchimp

–>Network and collab more

This is an area that I’ve been neglecting for this blog the past few years. Like I said before, I’ve been busy networking over at my other blogs and homeschool YouTube channel. I also have been running interviews and producing for two podcasts (not just this one- here’s the other)…so that is the extent of my networking, and it has been a great experience.

I will keep doing interviews, but at this point I would like to strategize my networking activities even more so that our collabs actually mean something to both parties. I want to be sure my interviewees are getting value from their time with me, and that likewise, I am gaining exposure to their circles as well. Conducting interviews is work! ?

I may release one more interview before the year is out and afterward launch a new season of interviews for 2019. I’m excited about that!

I also want to check out other blogs- stop by and read others’ posts, leave comments, contribute to the conversations. I plan to do more link-building to others’ content in my blog as well as do more guest post writing.

Oh…and I’ll be participating in more Facebook groups.


  • continue interviews for my podcast
  • blog commenting
  • link-buiding
  • guest post writing
  • participate in Facebook groups

–>Get more SEO pillar content in place

I realized that when I first built this site, since my main objective was to have a place to house and advertise my book and showcase my podcast, I didn’t necessarily have an SEO-plan in place with cornerstone content.

My objective now? Get some pillar content in place! I’ll be sharing more about blogging and blogging strategy so you will be seeing more posts from me about this topic in upcoming weeks. I’m also going back to old content and optimizing these for search engines as well, making sure I focus on my site’s main keywords.


  • create pillar and cornerstone content
  • optimize old blog posts for my site’s main keywords

So that’s my strategy for the month. Stay tuned for more info on how I ramp up this blog during 2019 and beyond! ?

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