How do you create incredible blog posts?

What good is running a blog when your content is not getting read?

Sad question, I know, but it’s a reality for so many bloggers.  And the problem is- if you’re blogging for money and not as a hobby, then your business simply cannot run the risk of not getting found, read, listened to, watched.  If your content is not being consumed in some way or fashion, your business is running the risk of plummeting downward quickly.

So- we’ve got to change that by ensuring you have some ideas under your belt that will help your blog gain the attention it deserves!

Be sassy, be spunky, be incredibly you!

It is so absolutely crucial that you use your own voice and be yourself when writing your posts.  Readers want to connect with a human being- a person like them, with emotions, with passion, and someone who can help them and reach them where they are. You can’t reach your prospects if you don’t connect with them, and you can’t connect if you don’t relate.

All that means is- you need to find and cultivate your voice online.  Your blogging style will be influenced by your online voice, and your readers will be attracted to the authentic you and want to come back for more of the good stuff you dish out- so make it personal!

If you have natural sass, let her come out in your writings!  Don’t hold back on spunky or laid back, sweet or cynical, demure or bold.  Whoever you are, show her to the world and attract your true following by simply being yourself.

Use  subheadings to break up your topics

Make sure your content is scannable at first glance by breaking up topics into subheadings.  This will cause your reader’s eyes to scan the page for important ideas of your post- and if they really, really love you, they’ll go back and fill in the missing blanks by reading the juicy content in between the headings.  But be nice- and give them a general idea of where your post is going. That’s where the <h1></h1> tags come in handy.

If you need help with this, just shoot me a message.

Break up your page with short paragraphs and break up sentences.

There’s no bigger turnoff than finding a blog post filled from top to bottom of your screen that seems to have no ending and no break.  You literally want to give up reading the post because it’s just too overwhelming.

This is how readers feel when you don’t break up your sentences.

If you were a  journalism major the idea of breaking up sentences in the middle of a perfectly structured paragraph might turn you off, but for the sake of the blogosphere, you’ve just gotta do it.

Breaking up sentences online makes it easier on the eyes for your reader and allow them to scan for valuable content to consume and understand.

Use large, attractive graphics.

I know it seems like a hassle to have to find graphics for every post, but you need to do this.  Not only do pretty graphics make your post stand out, but you’ll want to take advantage of good ol’ Pinterest for this one.

Pinterest is an excellent way to introduce potential readers to your blog.  A nice (large) graphic with your url watermarked on it is a wonderful, free advertisement for your blog.  Take advantage of it.

Use bold and italics at times.

Again, this is another great way to break up the monotony of text on your site.  You can add some expression to text by simply using bold or italics (in addition to breaking up sentences and adding subheaders).

I’m sure you get the drift.

Are you using any (or all, hopefully) of these ideas to create incredible blog posts?  If not, which of these ideas will you begin to use?


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