MIH 030:Finding Your Passion In Business

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If there’s anything moms in business (aka- “mompreneurs”) needs, it’s finding your passion in business.

Forget your blogging routines, your WordPress theme and template, hosting, and any other foundational necessities.  Without a business passion, you shouldn’t even start that blog.  And yes, I do view your blog as your business- contrary to what some say.  So why is finding your passion in business super important to your success as a blogger?

Without passion, your blog won’t thrive.

Let’s face it, a business without a passion eventually dies.  There’s just not enough mojo to keep it moving, and no one gives a care.  In the blogging world it’s so easy to lose sight of your prize, lose hold of your faith, and just give up.  But in order not to quit, you’ve got to be passionate.  Enjoy your blog.  This includes the topics you wish to share, the process of writing and getting out content regularly, as well as marketing.  If you treat your blog like a business you’ve either got to like each part of your business or you need to farm out those areas that don’t suit you well so that you can focus on the ones that motivate you and allow your passion to shine through.

You attract your tribe with passion.

You want to build your blog?  You want your business to thrive online?  Then be passionate!  Believe me, you’ll receive 100% more support if you love what you do- and you’ll attract your prospects to your products like bees to honey.  Passion is addictive and others will want what you have.  If you’ve got something good to offer, no sense being ho-hum about it.  Get up, get some motivation, let those sparks fly, and allow your business to thrive on your passion! Your blog will be better for it. (And if you do it just right, so will your bank account by the way.)

Finding your passion in business keeps you going.

There will be days you just won’t feel like blogging.  Okay, I get that, and I’m totally there with you.  Believe me, I understand, and I’ve been there many, many times.  But if you’re super passionate about your topic, you’ll find a way to get content out there to your audience.  You’ll find a way to keep helping, to keep being there, to keep being consistent in business.  You will make plans, create a schedule, follow through. You’ll do it when you feel like it, and even when you don’t.  You’ll get smart and do most of your blogging through batch scheduling to prepare for days when you don’t feel like it.  And you’ll reach out for help when you need to- hiring a VA, or simply scaling back to blogging once a week rather than 4 times per week.  You’ll do what you need to do in order to make blogging and content creation consistent for you, and doable.  As women, as mothers, as wives, or friends, we can’t be there at all times for everyone- no matter how badly we wish to be Superwoman.  But with a little bit of planning you can find ways to sneak in the time you need to blog (if sneaking is what you have to do, hey, go right ahead) and to get things done in between all of your other tasks. You’ll make it work.  Finding your passion in business helps you to make it work.


MIH 024:Fulfilling Your Purpose In Business & Family:

Women's Basketball

Welcome to the Mompreneurs in Heels Podcast. On today’s podcast episode, I have the pleasure of interviewing LaRita Wilcher who was a former collegiate coach for 15 years. This is a series of reflections on her lifestyle led her to where she is today.

She now owns a software and recruiting service called Recruit Scheduling Solutions, and does all this while balancing a family life, and fulfilling her purpose in business & family.

What brought LaRita into the world of entrepreneurship/mompreneurship:

She is married and a parent, and has been coaching for 15 years on the collegiate level. After 10 years, she began to question whether or not she wanted to continue what felt to her like a rat race. She began to miss her family and questioned if she was really fulfilling her purpose in life.

Breaking point and transition period:

Her breaking point was when on her son’s 5th birthday, he asked for a suitcase for Christmas so that he could travel with his mother. At this point, LaRita realized she would need to find another way to live her life so that she could have a balance between life and work.

LaRita’s first steps into transitioning happened over a period of a year as she continued to feel the frustration of traveling frequently. She began to have thoughts about leaving coaching in order to pursue a business idea. With her husband’s encouragement, she finally acted upon her instincts and stepped out in faith.

What LaRita does:

LaRita assists coaches in being more efficient and organized with the way they recruit. She helps coaches organize their list of top prospects through software she has created.

All about teamwork:

In order to be successful, we need to work in a team. LaRita has elected people who have similar goals, qualities, and passions as she does. She is blessed to have been able to team up with a lifelong friend from high school (a pilot working for United) who contributes to her business. There are others on her team as well.

How does LaRita balance family and business?

LaRita  has decided to homeschool her son in addition to balancing work. The way  she balances this is to be very forgiving and lenient of herself.

She gets up super early in the a.m. to run her business. At around noon she works with her son’s schooling, although she also believes that life experience is an educational opportunity. She follows spiritual prompting to know when and how to balance out her life.

LaRita’s company is Recruit Scheduling Solutions and her slogan is We Save You Time. She believes that her business is a part of her overall purpose.

To find out more about what LaRita’s company offers by visiting Recruit Scheduling Solutions.

How about you?

Do you feel that your business is part of your purpose? How do your business and family coincide to help you fulfill your life’s purpose?



MIH 002:How to Find Your Business Passion That Makes You Excited!

Time for episode #2 of this podcast for mompreneurs, and I’m excited to share with you how to find a blogging niche that makes you excited!

Also, grab a copy of my Discover Your Passions worksheets here. You’ll walk through your skills and talents and perhaps discover a great business idea!

I believe everybody has a place and purpose and a gift to give back to the universe. What’s yours?

I want to help you think through this question and begin discovering what you truly want to share with the world in this podcast. I also invite you to check out my book (there’s a whole chapter devoted to finding your business passion.)

In this podcast I share the process of how to discover your business passions in order to turn your passion into a profitable business.

Let’s start with a few questions to guide you through discovering your passions.

  1. What do you love to read? Which books and magazines do you read? Lately I’ve been enjoying an older book: “ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income” by Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett.
  2. What are you listening to and watching? Check your smartphone or mobile device.  What you listen to and watch the most is most likely you areas interest, so pay close attention to that.
  3. What subjects did you enjoy (or not enjoy) most in school?  Sometimes your favorite school subjects in the past will help point the way toward undiscovered passions you might have lying dormant.
  4. What do you admire or wish you had more time to do?  If you find yourself dreaming about something you wish you were doing- then it’s probably a passion.  Big hint.
  5. How do you choose to spend your time when you’re not working? What you choose to do outside of work is a good indicator of what you would rather be doing. (Unless, of course, you’re a workaholic and have a hard time winding down- and yes, that’s another story for another day.)  If you want to discover your passions, then you should do a quick checkup on how you spend your free time.
  6. What do you talk about the most?  Just ask your friends.  They’ll be glad to let you know.

What to do once you discover your business passions…

  1. Create a game plan by making a few goals. (Listen in on my first podcast on goal-setting.)  Put it on your calendar and plan to get started right away. Don’t procrastinate!  If you do, it will be harder to get started on your game plan so don’t wait around.  Hop to it!
  2. Get out of your comfort zone.  Stretch yourself into doing things you don’t necessarily feel comfortable doing.  It’s okay to get out of your comfort zone.  We all have to do it.
  3. Keep doing it!  Successful people are relentless– they keep trying even if they don’t feel successful.  You might not feel successful at first, but it’s okay. Keep on working towards meeting your goals, and before long you will find yourself successfully accomplishing what you’d set out to do.

Don’t forget to pick up your “Discover Your Passions” worksheets- my gift to you!

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