Mom life can be crazy hectic right? With all the hats (and shoes) we wear we are constantly in an ongoing state of metamorphosis.

If you are an avid reader of my blog, maybe you’ve noticed my writing slowing down lately. I just haven’t been blogging here as much, and I certainly haven’t posted to my business YouTube channel in a few months now.

Just in the past few months alone, I have been doing some real soul searching about my current mompreneur pace. I’m always looking for ways to find balance.

The main questions are: How much do I really need to accomplish daily? Weekly? Monthly? And why?

What is my purpose for achieving blogging goals?

These are all questions I ask you to consider in my blogging course. It’s important to know your purpose before you begin blogging because, yes, blogging is a full-time gig whether you set it up that way or not.

I won’t lie to you- it’s a lot of work!

I love teaching women how to blog because I know the benefits it can have for you and for your family if you are looking for supplemental income.

But I am also realistic. I cannot guarantee that your blog will be successful if you don’t take the steps necessary to ensure a successful blog.

I also realize that we mamas are busy. We just often don’t have the time to commit to building a lucrative blog.

As much as I teach blogging and enjoy helping moms shine on the web, I realize that there are seasons when blogging just isn’t going to cut it. You may have to get back into your career, take a job, start a business that doesn’t include writing a blog, or take time away from work altogether.

It’s all about seasons.

So, my BIG announcement (as you may have guessed from the post title) is that this will be my last post for the summer on this blog. I have no clue how that will affect my status in Google, and I am really not concerned about it. I just know that I really need this break.

(Is it shameful to say I need a break?) I hope not!

As our family is now in the middle of buying and selling a home and as I’m about to enter a new season of tutoring at our special homeschool group which I am so excited about being a part of, ironically, I am finding less and less time to blog about blogging.

The good news is, I am always available to help you with your blog– be it learning how to start your own (check out my book and e-course) or designing one for you.

I’ve come to the conclusion that this summer I won’t be interviewing guests for this podcast or updating the blog, so that I can, instead, help you with your blogging needs as one of my e-course students.

I also realized that I really want to shift my focus back to my homeschool blogmy first blog baby! 🙂

So you won’t see much updates here for a few months but it’s for good and happy reasons!

If you still want to follow me around over the next few months, I’ll be blogging a lot more at Christian Homeschool Moms.

That said, I wish you a happy summer and much blogging success!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me over the summer should you have any blogging questions or needs.

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