I help moms  run a successful online business with a blog (while balancing family).

Running an online business can be overwhelming.

*There are so many pieces to running an online business. You might be asking yourself:

*Why should I blog?

*Can I really make money with my blog?

*How do I drive traffic to my blog?

*How do I build a community of committed followers?

*How do I create profitable services and products my followers REALLY want and need?

*How do I optimize my site for search engines?

*How do I create a plan for social media marketing?

*How do I grow my mailing list?

Can I really do all of this? Can I REALLY build a business online?

Hi, I’m Demetria and I want to share with you how to blog for an income.

With me, you will learn:

*how to set up and design a blog

*how to develop your company messaging and brand

*how to position your blog for leadership and income success

*best ways to convert your leads into your tribe

*how to develop rich and meaningful relationships with your tribe and built loyalty

*how to make money blogging about what you love!

My Heart

Over the past 14 years I’ve interviewed hundreds of women entrepreneurs. They have inspired and motivated me to not only become a better entrepreneur, but also a better wife and mother. I’ve learned and am still learning the delicate art of balance as I shuffle between my comfortable slippers…and my heels.


My Family

I am a mom and wife with a heart for business and empowering women. 

Here I am with my lovely girls and husband on our fourth trip to Disney. My girls are growing up quickly (ages 16 and 11).  My husband is an IP Officer in the Navy Reserves and a full time employee at a tech company in Silicon Valley.  Because he is super busy, I especially value our time together. Family is EVERYTHING to me.

I love being a wife and mom.

Like… a LOT. I like it so much I decided to homeschool my kids and support my husband from the home-front nearly all of our married years together.

BUT…I’m not willing to let go of my business ambitions.

I want to ensure that in my life I can make choices: like the choice to be home to raise my kids or to have time to travel if that is what I choose. I want my own daughters to see that they live in a country where this is possible- and that the freedom to choose your career by embracing entrepreneurship can be a part of that journey.

We can do this.

I encourage women like you that just want more freedom in your life…that we can do this.

I am discovering and growing together with you. I do not claim to be a super expert even with 14 years of business experience. Why? Because business, like life, change with seasons. In fields like online marketing and design and with new rules for social media changing constantly, I am keeping up just like you are. What I do have to offer you, however,  is experience.  And hope.

Much of what I have learned has been through trial and error as well as deep and committed study under marketing experts and business coaches. I consider myself a product junkie 🙂 – but I am also a firm believer in having your own personal success coach to lean on when you need them.

This is what Mompreneurs in Heels is all about. I want this blog  to serve as a virtual shoulder for you to lean on…and  also a place for you to get practical helps to learn and apply your new skills to grow your own business.

My Story

How could I celebrate both motherhood and entrepreneurship while balancing both?

How could I begin and sustain an online business that would benefit my family without neglecting either?

These were my typical questions as a mompreneur. How could I do both?

When I began my first online business in 2004 (before social media) I had to rely mainly on word-of-mouth advertising, paid ads, and message boards. I had to believe that someone out there would want my web design services. Although I wasn’t trained as a web designer I had a lot of faith and drive to learn more. I struck out in the online world with a desire to see my business goals come to fruition.

My very FIRST business was making homemade soaps and body butters. This was in 2003. Here’s a screenshot of one of my first websites when I sold my homemade soaps…

I don’t mind sharing my humble beginnings with you! 🙂

Here is another screenshot you might find entertaining…a rudimentary website I pulled together called BodyButterKits.com to sell a 50-page ebook and video course on how to make body butters. This site brought in a few hundred dollars over a year. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to let me know back in 2003 that selling online works. 

It wasn’t long before I discovered that I enjoyed website design. Over the next few years (in between having a new baby and starting our family’s homeschool journey), I phased out the soaps and body butters business and began designing websites full time from my home office.

Here’s another sample screenshot from 2010. I had discovered by this point that my niche market was business women and that I enjoyed coaching, designing websites, and podcast consulting.

Speaking of podcast consulting, I discovered the art of the podcast and how to create one in 2005. Back then, WordPress was virtually non-existent (or still a baby), and we had to hand-code our RSS feeds! Yes, I learned to code xml just so that I could publish my first podcast to ITunes: the Christian Ladies Talk Radio podcast. My second podcast soon followed: PublishAPodcast, then a third and a fourth before our big move in 2011. 

By this point (circa 2006) I had become an all-around podcasting advocate and speaker. I formed the Internet Radio Podcast Bootcamp, a virtual course which I created and taught to many business owners who then went on to create their own podcasts. This program was circulated by press release and picked up in several media outlets around the mid-south region of the US. Needless to say, this was a major plus for me in helping to boost my vision for business! I knew that if I could finally do this, I could help other mompreneurs do the same.

Here’s a pic of my interview with the Tuscaloosa News back “in the day” discussing podcasting and its role in modern ministry. This was 2006 I believe.

Hopefully, that gives you some idea of where I was with business ideas. I had a vision, I followed it, and watched it bear fruit. But I won’t lie to you…the journey was not easy.

There were months I didn’t make any money at all. The nature of coaching and website design was that sometimes I had awesome months and a handful of clients to work for, whereas other months there were crickets. Nothing.

I had my second baby in 2007 and decided to homeschool my kindergartner that year. Hence, motherhood took over my life in a big way…and I took a break from business to focus on being a homeschool mom.

Why did I give up, you might ask? At this point I had seriously considered the balance of parenting and business to be non-existent. Between changing diapers and designing a new logo for a client while planning my next teleseminar, I was in over my head attempting to balance both worlds.

Earlier- before my extended business break- I had learned that I needed mentors in a big way. In the early 2000’s my online mentors were successful internet marketers of the time: Derek Gehl of the Internet Marketing Center, Dr. Ken Evoy (founder of Site Sell It), Alex Mandossian, and Yanik Silver. I was pretty serious about learning marketing!

But even with my mentors and a Masters degree in Interactive Technology (which I earned while starting up my web design business in 2004), I still found it difficult to balance work and family.

How in the world did other women make this work? How are moms balancing business and family?

Where am I today?

In 2011 I moved from Alabama to California. Our family relocation jolted me into another reality: I needed blogging therapy.

Since I was already homeschooling I began vlogging on YouTube about my homeschool journey. Shortly after I thought, “How cool would it be to create a website to go along with my channel?” So I did.

Don’t get me wrong…I didn’t just create a blog. I started with a blueprint, a strategy. I wanted this blog to be successful. I wanted it to be a go-to source of information about homeschooling.

If I was going to put energy into blogging, I may as well do it right. Right?

BUT…It has been a S-L-O-W process for me, unlike many entrepreneurs and marketers online today. My blog was not an overnight success. I didn’t have the time or the energy to launch e-courses and run webinars at the time. 

Why? Because I was balancing family life. Homeschooling. Making daily menus: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Grocery shopping. Play dates at the park. Taking my kids to extracurricular activities. I had also just moved. I was still adapting to the West Coast life, unpacking, becoming familiar with my new surroundings, forming new relationships.

However, through this process of transition, blogging has all been worth it.

I started making money on the homeschool blog around 2013 through paid sponsorships, digital products, and referrals to my website design business (which I had revamped by this point).

Slowly over the weeks, then months and years, I saw the fruit of my labors. Today I have watched this site’s traffic grow exponentially over time , grown my list, and  have had the honor of interviewing some of greatest though leaders of the homeschool movement on my homeschool podcast. I have made money with my blog, developed a circle of new friendships, and I’ve enjoyed the journey.

I want to show you…

*the step to running a successful online business

*how to piece it all together– from a blogging and social media strategy to building your customer loyalty

*how to discover your true niche and customer avatar

*how to demystify the tech and help you get past it so that you can work at doing what you love!

Want to learn more? Pick up your copy of my book.

How can I help you?

Today my heart is to design, coach, and mentor entrepreneur creatives helping you to piece together your web design, branding, and content marketing strategy for a successful digital business! 

I enjoy working with creatives and women entrepreneurs, helping you succeed at launching and sustaining a profitable online business. I’m a digital marketer who loves creating spaces to serve women online and globally, but I’m also a mom who happens to enjoy business, and I believe it is possible to do both successfully.

I’m here to support you!

You CAN rock your blog and contribute to your family financially while being the AWESOME parent, wife, or friend your family craves and that you were meant to be. Listen to my podcast and you’ll hear a motto I created just for you:

Slip Out Of Those Slippers And Into Those Heels. The time is now. You can do this, mompreneur!

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