Have you been trying to increase your blog traffic lately? I’ve found a few strategies recently that have been working wonders for my blog and I want to share them with you!

I must admit, though…I did a little of everything these past two months because I’m testing out all kinds of things here. Much of what I do to increase blog traffic this year is beta testing for my future marketing plans. I want to know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

One thing that is helpful is that I figured out what blogging mistakes I made in 2017-18 and I want to remedy that this year.

This is why I’ve tried my hands at a number of different social media platforms and marketing strategies recently. Let me share with you what has been working for me.

5 ways to increase blog traffic

Facebook and Instagram

I have to admit- I was skeptical at first when it came to using all of these different social media platforms. In fact, I’ve always found that less is often better.

I don’t wish to spread my energy everywhere…BUT…When it comes to my social I’ve found that Facebook and Instagram regular posts have helped send me some direct traffic.

It’s not an exorbitant amount, but 59% of my traffic is directly from social.

I’ve been posting to my Facebook business page a few times per week (as opposed to barely at all).

I also have been making an effort to consistently post content to my Instagram account more regularly. I’m still not that great with engagement but I am posting and engaging a few times per week.


Another way I’ve been able to increase blog traffic is through my latest social media interest: Pinterest. Pinterest is, by far, my MOST referred traffic over the past two months.

I recently picked up a paid account with Tailwind and have watched my traffic increase as a direct result.

At this point it’s still too early to know exactly which key components of my new Pinterest strategy are working, but here’s what I’ve done recently:

I’m still learning Pinterest and am taking Melyssa Griffin’s course to keep me in the loop.

Mailing List

Last month (in January) I began a strong push toward my blogging goals. One of my new goals for the year consisted of keeping in touch with my mailing list on a regular basis.

So, I put this into action. I contacted my list more often this past month or two and as a result, 33% of my site visitors has been referral traffic, all from just sharing my newsletter and blog posts.

If you’re looking to grow traffic quickly, ask for referrals. Ask your readers to share your content and spread the word for you.

If you have great content on your blog, there should be no reason why your readers wouldn’t share.

Blog Posts

In order to really increase blog traffic I have been doing the obvious: blogging – and a lot. I’ve tried to remain consistent with at least two to three blog posts per week, which has been really helpful.

I think crafting my blog posts has been my biggest challenge- making sure that each post has what it needs to write an incredible post and the biggest impact on my readers.

It takes a lot out of me to sit down and write something incredible, rather than just throwing something up on my blog for the sake of consistency, but I would rather be intentional.

Writing content my readers actually want to read makes a big difference in how I approach blogging these days.

My traffic has grown exponentially and I’ve been able to increase blog traffic simply due to posting content my readers want and regularly. This is such a basic strategy, and so overlooked. With or without social media, if you have amazing content and a responsive list that loves you, they’ll keep coming back for more (and invite others!)


And last but not least, my podcasts have been crucial in bringing site visitors who turn into followers. Through my podcasts I’m able to reach an audience who would never have heard of my blog through a google search or a social media network.

Podcasts give me an opportunity to connect to my listeners in a more personal way. I get to share my story and offer blogging advice, plus introduce you to other mompreneurs who offer their expertise to us.

By sharing my podcasts in Itunes and Stitcher and other podcast directories I’m offered additional opportunities for exposure, which leads to…

drum roll…

…more traffic!

So, yes. Podcasting works. I’m not claiming that it is a completely sweat-free process (there is definitely some hustle involved), but at the end of the day it works.

The connections and relationships I make as a result are so worth running one that I always have to encourage blogging mompreneurs to at least consider starting one.

And that’s it for now! These are five strategies I have used to increase my blog traffic in two months.

What are some strategies you are using? Do you have any questions about what I’ve been doing and how it works for me? I’d love to hear from you.

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