There are only a few things that get under my skin when it comes to the online marketing world, and it mostly has to do with integrity.  I strongly believe in giving our best- and as marketers, strategists, coaches and business owners we need to uphold integrity and remove the negative label that has followed internet marketing for over a decade. The only way to do that is to embrace honesty and be authentic in our business practices. We have simply got to avoid being unprofessional.

In this post I’m listing a few of my pet peeves and what I believe we can do to better manage our attitudes toward our work, especially our clients.  Without our clients, we wouldn’t have work, or money.  Treat your clients with respect and they’ll respect you back.

If you come off as overly-critical on social media outlets, you might turn off potential clients.

This goes without saying.  People love honesty, but honesty done nicely goes a long way.  If you make a habit of announcing which bloggers have the worst Facebook header or who absolutely has no clue how to use twitter or google+ effectively, you run the risk of offense and shutting down people who would gladly ask for your help- had you pointed out the fault discreetly and with grace.

Not keeping your word is a huge turn-off.

Did you tell a client you would have her website finished on July 3rd, but didn’t realize you’d have an Independence Day family reunion coming up and failed to plan effectively?  If you missed your deadline once, she might be willing to trust you once more- but if you keep missing deadlines your client will most likely not remain your client for long.  Simply put- people like it when we business owners keep our word.  Plan effectively, don’t set deadlines you cannot commit to, and give yourself and your client the flexibility you need to remain in good standing together.

Never discuss one client’s problems with another client.

Okay, need I really mention this one?  Sadly, I’ve seen it (and heard it) happen way too often.

No- I’m not referring to the testimonial-type, inspirational plugs we post to showcase a customer who has struggled at one point and is now succeeding as a result of our product or service.

What I’m referring to are the behind-the-back, (negative) name-dropping that happens all too often among “professionals” with one another …AND…(*gasp*)…with their other clients. Need I say that this should never happen.  A client calls you for help, not to spread their private business struggles throughout the blogosphere.

I know this post isn’t a picker-upper, but these are issues that have plagued me for some time now, and I believe that integrity and honesty are the only policy to do business by.

What are some of your pet peeves in the online business world- and what are you doing to keep integrity in your own business?


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