How to Beat Mompreneur Overwhelm!

How to Beat Mompreneur Overwhelm!

Mompreneur overwhelm is a real thing! Over the years I’ve learned (and am still learning) how to set reasonable expectations for my life as both a mom and an entrepreneur so that I can wear both hats.  Or as I like to say: fill both shoes.  The slippers and the heels, that is.

How to Beat Mompreneur Overwhelm!

How do I keep balance?  Honestly, sometimes I don’t.  But, here’s what I’m learning.

(If you’re a visual here’s a video for you!)

How I beat mompreneur overwhelm

Set small and realistic goals.

It’s so important that as mompreneurs we ensure our values and priorities in line.  Family and spirituality is first. Everything is else is second.

I do mean this. In my life, if I have to choose between spending a week digging into a project that will make me a nice income for the month but I must choose to ignore my family for the week…I’m going to choose my family first. It’s okay if you would choose to dig in for a week and catch up with your family later.  I just choose to run by a different beat and the thread of family life is the fabric of my life right now.  I must…no, I need to have the kind of balance in my life that allows for flexibility to be a mom and a wife.  Seasons are important, and in this season I am a mom.

So, in order to beat mompreneur overwhelm I set my goals small and try to remain realistic.  I have three blogs currently, with a fourth in the works. I also run two podcasts with a third in the works.  For many of you this might seem unrealistic.  For me, this is the bread and butter of what keeps sponsors and clients coming my way and is part of my marketing goals.

That said, I must set realistic goals if I expect to be successful at any or all of these blogs.  In my blogging life, this means that I don’t blog every day at each blog.  I don’t even blog several times per week, or even weekly on some of my blogs. On all but one of my blogs I post every few weeks with a podcast or tutorial and try to remain active on my Facebook groups.  If I tried blogging every day, posting to my social media accounts every day I would drive myself nuts.  So I don’t do it.  Which leads me to the next tip…

Don’t over schedule.

Why pack in so much at once when you have a lifetime to grow and achieve in your business? I’ve been there, done that when it comes to over scheduling and it just doesn’t feel worth it and the end of the day. Beat mompreneur overwhelm by not overscheduling.

Granted, there are those times when you’re just having a really busy week in business.  But as I mentioned in the video, if you’re attempting to launch your website and a membership site all in a month and post to all your social media 8 times per day all while developing your product line- things can get a wee bit crazy.  You’re stepping into a spin zone.

Don’t over schedule.  Take your life and your business at stride.  It will grow with you. You don’t have to do everything at once.

Embrace your season.

As mompreneurs we want to love the season of motherhood we’re in because it won’t last forever.  Our kids will grow up and we’ll have plenty of time to work and throw ourselves into our passions.

Life with littles can make working business a bit tricky.  You’ll have to find ways to work around the kids’ routines and schedules.  Maybe nap times work out best for you.  Maybe you work late in the evenings or early mornings.  But the kids do grow up eventually, so…embrace your season. Being a mom is truly special.  Enjoy it!

Check out my interview with Stephanie who is raising four children while running a business.  And Andrea’s been able to figure out her sweet spot in balancing life with kids and blogging.  I hope these moms are able to encourage you.

And hey, I just started up a Facebook group for homeschool mompreneurs.  If that’s you, I invite you to come join my group!



Avoiding Procrastination as a Mompreneur

Avoiding Procrastination as a Mompreneur

avoiding procrastination

There is so much going on in our lives between parenting responsibilities and our social lives, and of course, work.  It’s easy to procrastinate and put work on the back burner when you’re an entrepreneur.

How do we avoid procrastination?

Have a plan

Every business needs a roadmap. Ask yourself questions like:

How do you plan to make money?

How do you plan to network and grow your network?

How do you plan to market your business?

Who do you plan to collaborate with to help you accomplish your goals?

Most mompreneurs and creatives don’t have it all figured out.  But the reason we’re getting where we’re going is because we have an idea of where we want to be.  I like to use reverse engineering to figure out where I want to end up and plan the details backward.

Whether you have details or not, though, the main thing is to have an overall vision and plan and then start moving.  Which leads me to my next point…

Take Action

Once you have a plan you need to take action.  No use sitting on your idea, meditating on it, wondering if it will work, and feeling paralyzed.  My husband calls this “paralysis by analysis”.

If it’s a website you need, take action by finding a great designer.

If you need a business coach, hire someone you trust.

Whatever your needs are, remember that it all starts with today.  The moment you take action you realize that it’s easier to continue the process once it’s begun. Nothing will begin magically.  You really have to press for the things you want out of life.

This means you just have got to take action.

Forget perfection

Remember it’s not about being perfect or finding the perfect people to support you on your journey.  Entrepreneurship is a messy journey, and there will be days you want to give up.  There will be days you will hear crickets and won’t see results right away.

The thing is, nobody and no situation is ever perfect.  Your journey may start off pretty rocky and you won’t have all the pieces in place at first- and that’s okay.

You don’t have to be perfect to be successful.  Start where you are and make strides from there.

Has this post helped you?  Did you enjoy the video? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

3 Ways Mompreneurs Can Manage Time

3 Ways Mompreneurs Can Manage Time

I admit, it’s not easy balancing that one important commodity we have as mompreneurs: time.  How can we manage time effectively- serving both customer and family?

manage time

A few weeks ago I recorded a live Facebook video on this very topic in hopes to assist you in finding the simple tricks that work for your lifestyle for finding time.  Time management can be tricky, but if you look at all the places where you can grab a few minutes here and there, I’m convinced you’ll be able to find the time you need to accomplish your goals.

Ways to manage time

Change your wake/sleep cycle

I know I talk about this all the time- but it is seriously a life saver.  If you simply change your wake/sleep cycle, sometimes this is the only thing you’ll need to do in order to find yourself gaining traction in business.

Get up earlier or go to bed later- you get to choose. You’ll get more done and feel more productive.

Determine your routine flow

I don’t keep a schedule really, but I love routines.  I talked about this on my homeschool blog recently- that keeping a tight schedule just doesn’t work for our family.  I really don’t think it works for most families, but I know some for whom an hourly and minute-by-minute schedule is their saving grace.  This doesn’t work for me, though.

I like to keep my routine flows very loose.  There are days that generally I’m up at a 6 a.m. and I get started with my work for the day right away.  Other days we have doctor appointments and some mornings I might go to the gym.  If I go workout, I’ll stop by Starbucks and work for a few hours before I come home.  If my husband is working from home, I have even more time to stay at a coffee shop.  Other mornings I’m up early and focusing on the kids’ homeschool routines before I touch my client work.  It depends on the morning, the week, and my mood.

Determine what your daily routine flow might generally look like, then work your life around it.  It’s really up to you, and you get to call the shots.  It’s your work life, your schedule, your day.

Keep a checklist

I’m a type A personality and love to see my accomplishments in front of me.  A running checklist keeps me motivated to keep going and gives me that pat on the back I need to feel good about what I’ve been able to accomplish.

It also keeps me organized because all of my tasks are listed right in front of me- both on my Google calendar and docs in Google drive.

Make sure you have an off switch.

As moms we tend to go, and keep going.  We want to accomplish so much in a short amount of time- plus we’re dividing our limited time amongst family, friends, activities and volunteering in addition to business.

There are moments, though, that we’ll simply need to turn that “go” switch off and get into relaxation mode.  We need to learn to enjoy life and relax.  Life is to be enjoyed not creating a burnout situation for ourselves.

Have these tips been helpful?  Are you creating doable routines for yourself?  Let me know your thoughts and if you’d simply like someone to chat with about all of this, book me for an appointment and let’s talk.



How to achieve your business goals

How to achieve your business goals

I’ve often been told that I have a knack for understanding mompreneurs.  Really and truly, I’ve been where you are when it comes to  the balance of raising kids with building a business, and I understand the mental and emotional conflicts you may be experiencing.

how to achieve your business goals

Oftentimes as a mom in business you may have mental conflicts over how to achieve your business goals.  I know it can be difficult to see your path before you when it’s all muddled with questions like:

How do I get from Point A to Point B?

How do I take the next step?

What is my next step?

How do I get through all the tech jargon to _____ (“set up my blog, hire someone to create my ebook graphic, create my first digital course”, you fill in the blank).

Although I won’t be digging into details for each of these questions on this post, I can at least address the biggest concern I think- which is how do we do it?  How can we achieve our goals when we have so much on our plates?  How can we move forward when there is so much in the day in our way?

I’ve got a video just for you! Here we go…

How to Achieve your Business Goals


Stop procrastinating

Oh…this is a hard one.  I’m still battling this, but I tell ya, I’m learning how freeing it is to take a giant bite out of a project I’ve been sitting on for years!  (That’s exactly what I did when I decided to quite moping around about not having written my book.  I finally went and did it!)

When you stop procrastinating you give yourself room to accomplish things in your life. Have you been wanting to grow your business through creating more content?  Blogging?  Podcasting?  Creating digital products?  Growing your online network?

Don’t wait on it any longer.  Make plans to make a change.  Find one goal and get busy with making it happen!  (I’ll be your cheerleader.  Come ON- you can do it!)

Get past your imperfections and just do it!

Things will never be perfect. If you demand perfection you’ll never get to the point of completion of your project. You want to get past the perpetual cycle of attempting to make everything be and look perfect, and just keep pushing forward.

I have this little problem with website design: I get bored easily of my templates!  I don’t know if you’ve noticed…but if you’ve been around here at Mompreneurs In Heels long enough, you’ve definitely noticed!  I’ve changed my theme since last year at least 3 times already.  Being the geek that I am, I love tweaking CSS code, and I enjoy fooling around with new Studiopress templates- which means that my boredom has found a playmate: switching themes.  And marry that with the fact that I’m a bit of a perfectionist- and Houston, we have a problem.

I’m learning to find a theme, say “It’s okay, Demetria, its fine! Totally fine!”  and stick with it.

I’m also learning that perfectionism when it comes to creating my courses is what has held me back over the years.  Oh- I have courses galore all over my hard drive, but I’ve been afraid to let them out of the bag.  I’m afraid of imperfections.  I’m afraid it won’t be just right.

What am I doing about it?  I’m sharing this tidbit of personal info with you, my reader and viewer. I want you to know that I understand, and I’ve been there (heck, I am there!) and that just like you, I’m learning to look past imperfections in order to move forward and really accomplish my goals.

If you’re also a perfectionist, you can totally relate.

Keep it Moving!

The only way to truly achieve your business goals is to keep moving forward.  You’ve got to keep it moving, girlfriend!

Forget perfectionism and definitely forget procrastination!

Take out your task list and every single day focus on those tasks and completing them.

If you’re a visual person, try a vision board (here are a few examples on Pinterest).  This will help you to keep moving as you visualize where you eventually want to be in your business.

The key here is: keep it moving.  Don’t look back.  Don’t get stuck in the present or the past.  But keep moving forward and reaching for your goals!

So there you have it- my advice on how to achieve your business goals as mompreneurs!  I hope you this post motivates you!

Leave me a message and…

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How to Battle Work-At-Home Mommy Guilt

How to Battle Work-At-Home Mommy Guilt

Work-at-home mommy guilt.  It’s real.  If you’ve ever decided to launch out on your own in business, you understand just how difficult it can be to be build an authentic and thriving brand.  It takes a lot of work, some know-how, an I-can-do-it mentality, and some hustle.  And sometimes that hustle keeps mompreneurs from feeling as though we are absolutely present.

work at home mommy guilt

Whatever your struggles are- whether you feel guilty for “not being there” mentally and emotionally, or if you struggle with time management and attempting to get it all done, rest assure that I understand. Many of us have been there.

If you’re a homeschooling mom, I have some specific tips for you on building a business while homeschooling– since that is where I am in life right now. Otherwise, keep reading…

One of my biggest goals in creating a thriving business is to ensure that I spend quality time with my kids.  After all, that’s why I chose to build an online business to begin with.

So here’s a video I filmed on my Facebook page (I invite you to “like” my page and join me over there, by the way). On this video I share some motivating tips- three to be exact- on how to avoid this work-at-home mommy guilt.  There’s no need for guilt to overtake you.  You’re a hard-working mama who is giving your business all you’ve got- AND you’re giving your family all you’ve got.

You really can do both.

3 Ways to Battle the Infamous Work-At-Home Mommy Guilt

Designate specific office hours.

It goes without saying that if you set aside the time to get things accomplished- you shall!  You will have whatever you set out for.  Your intentions for the day will dictate your level of productivity.

So, one thing I’ve been doing is either a.) getting up earlier than my kids, or b.) going to be later than my kids.  Either of these two things will get me moving towards my goals because I’m 100% positive I’ll achieve a good chunk of my goals while my kids are asleep.  Not that they’re super needy or anything (I have a teen and a pre-teen…so…no.)  But because we’re homeschooling this school year we have additional commitments to get through school work together in the mornings.  So, getting up earlier works for me.

Do what works for you, but know that if you are consistent with special hours and set times that you choose to work you’ll get more accomplished.  Try to have a similar sleep/wake cycle every day and try an early morning or late nighter if you have kids at home.  If your kids are in school, use that time to work. This way, you don’t have to allow your work to bleed over into family time when the kids are home from school.  Which leads me to my next point…

Designate mommy/kid time.

If you just set aside a few minutes a day (or hours) to hang out with your kids you’ll make deeper connections with them.  I’ve found that even just a few minutes of a card game or board game gives my kids the quality time they need with me, plus time to chat and catch up on anything they want to talk about.

The thing here is to not overcommit. (Don’t say you’ll read five chapters of their favorite book AND bake cookies with them if you know you don’t have the time.)  That is probably the quickest way to heighten your feelings of guilt.

Keep things simple.  Kids can learn to appreciate the small things you do for them. You don’t have to take them to a theme park or Chuck E Cheese to make up for all your hard work during the week.  They’ll be okay just talking with you and knowing you love them and want to spend time with them. (Or at least we hope so.)

Be Okay With Crazy.

Not everything is going to pan out the way we want it to life, but that’s okay right?  You likely won’t get all your t’s crossed and i’s dotted, but…that’s the way of life.  Sometimes things aren’t going to go as planned.  Whether it’s a family crisis, or really cool decision you make to go FREE yourself for a week at the beach, you can afford to let loose and live a little.

Be okay with crazy sometimes and just enjoy life.  It’s okay, really!

Did you enjoy these tips? Join me on my Facebook page for additional weekly support (and videos!) Also, be looking for an upcoming course in the next few weeks…I can’t wait to unveil it!

How to Develop Your Web Presence

How to Develop Your Web Presence

Mompreneurs, we have to start somewhere in order to be successful online-and we can’t start with nothing!  Start with a vision, a purpose, and then goals…but you’ve got to quickly move into the framework portion of your online business- which is to develop your web presence.

web presence

In a blog post and video years ago, I discussed the overview of 5 key strategies for web success.  Step #1 is developing your web presence, and that’s what this following video is all about.

Steps to develop your web presence

Start with a solid blog framework

At this time, I absolutely prefer WordPress to any other web development application and I wouldn’t suggest any other.  I’ve used many over the years- starting with HTML and Dreamweaver and migrating to Blogger, Joomla, and then on to WordPress.

Nowadays we have Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace– all of which I can work with in helping you develop a site.  I’m flexible and can work with any of these, but…my favorite is self-hosted WordPress.

WordPress is a rock-solid content management system that serves the purpose for both blogging and a company website rolled in to one.  There are a lot of benefits to using WordPress, which I talk about in another post.

Hire a professional to design for you who understands your vision.

This one is extremely important.  You’ll need to hire someone who understands your goals and what you’re trying to accomplish with your business.  With your goals in mind your website can be designed according to your preference, and include much of your flair and personality.  Try to find someone who catches your vision and wants to see your business succeed.

Purchase a quality theme.

I personally prefer Genesis framework by Studiopress, but there are many other great theme sets out there as well (such as Thesis).  At any rate, make sure you choose a theme designed by a company who backs up their product and gives you the customer support you deserve when you run into a rut.

Get your content flowing regularly.

Regular content is going to keep your site full and your visitors happy.  You’ll also find that regular content brings back your readers and many times turns your regular readers into clients and customers who find you trustworthy simply because of your content.

I’ll get more into the details of content creation in another blog post and video.

For now, I hope you’ve gleaned from this post!  If you don’t already have your web presence developed and designed, I’d be happy to connect with you and see how I can be of help to you.

If you use WordPress for your web presence, what are some of the benefits in your opinion?  I’d love to hear from you.