MIH 045:Three Things a Successful Mompreneur Will Do In Her Business

MIH 045:Three Things a Successful Mompreneur Will Do In Her Business

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We know how important it is to set goals for our business.

Mompreneurs, we know what to do.  We just oftentimes have trouble following through on the “do” part of the equation (myself included!)

3 things successful mompreneurs will do in her businessThere are 3 things I’ve noticed that successful people in their businesses overall

  1. Successful people set goals.

  2. Successful people are consistent

  3. Successful people are relentless

Let’s get into what each of these three things mean:

Successful people set goals.

It’s not enough to have a dream or a desire.  We have to go after it, chase it.  We have to set a goal, then figure out a path to get us where we want to be.  Success is a process and it takes planning.

Successful people are consistent.

In order to be successful at our goals, however, we can’t just stop shy of planning.  Now comes the hard part: getting to work!  Grinding is hard work, my friend.  And the hardest part of all is remaining consistent.

If I start a new project, then quit, I’m not consistent.  This will, of course, show up in the lack of fruit of my labors. No labor, no fruit.  No labor, no pay. When we show up for the task, we’ve eliminated half the hard work already.  Simply showing up again and again with consistency proves that we are on the way to succeeding at our goals.

Successful people are relentless

Don’t give up, ladies!  Be relentless by not caving in to the fears of not succeeding.  Being relentless means you sink your teeth into your project and you don’t give up until you see results.

Be fearless!  You can do this.

Are you on your way to success?  Do you feel like you’re moving in the right direction with your business goals, consistency, and relentlessness?  

Leave a note and let me know how you feel.

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3 Steps to Becoming an Online Entrepreneur

3 Steps to Becoming an Online Entrepreneur

Hi, Mompreneurs! I was feeling pretty adventurous this week and realized I wanted to pop in to my Facebook page and do a live video. My topic was 3 steps to becoming an online entrepreneur- and I hope to do more of these.

online entrepreneur

Here’s an overview of some of my tips that morning:

3 steps to becoming an online entrepreneur

Discover your passion, then work it!

It’s all about finding what you love, then building a business around that.  Once you know your area of expertise, build on it.  You don’t need an awful lot to get started…sometimes you can just hop on Facebook Live (like I’m doing right now!) and start working your platform right where you are!
Find out what you love, then build on your expertise.

Overcoming business fears.

I get it- there can be a lot of fears associated with business, especially when you’re just starting off. When I was in the beginning stages of building my first online business in web design it was pretty scary.

I had to overcome fears of marketing (what would people think? would I appear to sales-y?)

I needed to overcome anxiety about whether or not I would actually make any real money.  Would I do well?  Would I waste time building something that wasn’t successful?  In a nutshell, that was probably my biggest fear.

I also had to overcome fear of placing myself in front of thousands of unknown audiences.  When I decided to start a YouTube channel and begin podcasting I knew that I would have to step out of my comfort zone, but it was something I needed to do as part of my marketing system.  Through social media and digital media platforms that allow me to share my content in a number of ways, I’ve been able to connect with so many awesome people who became my clients.

So, it was definitely worth it!  I had to overcome my fears.  If I can do it, you can.

For more action-based steps to overcoming business fears, read this post.

Get into action

Probably the hardest part of anything you do in business is to put your plans and goals into action.  Yes, you should be organized and have goals, then use reverse engineering to get yourself where you want to be.

But if you don’t place those goals into action, nothing will happen.

Sometimes you just have to act in faith- not really knowing what’s around the corner.  Building your business means that there will be some variables you won’t be able to control sometimes. There will definitely be some business challenges. You don’t know what’s around the corner exactly and you sometimes don’t feel like you’re on the safe zone, but you know you’re doing the right thing (especially if you surround yourself with positive-thinking people and coaches.)

So, you’re only option is to move forward, and keep moving forward.  As your business momentum builds, you’ll feel so free! Get into action.

So, I want to know how you’re feeling.

 Have you taken the necessary steps to get started in online business?  Are you ready to truly become an online entrepreneur?


MIH 036:Ten Super Productivity Tips for Mompreneurs

MIH 036:Ten Super Productivity Tips for Mompreneurs

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producivity tips

I can’t wait to share these productivity tips for you this week!

Being uber productive is, let’s face it: a challenge for mompreneurs.  I get it.  We’re busy. We’re tired. Life is hectic. But we also have goals, a vision, a dream. I don’t know any of us who want to see that dream die.  So the key is to keep moving, keep looking forward and moving forward, and find those things in life that help us with our forward focus.  That’s why on today’s podcast I’m bringing to you 10 super productivity tips for mompreneurs like yourself and myself- tips that I believe will help us specifically in our season as moms AND business owners and bloggers.  I am following these productivity tips as well, so my hope is that you’ll find just as much motivation from these as I am currently.

Productivity Tips for Mompreneurs

1.Get to bed and get some sleep!

Okay, I must absolutely start with the night before, because if we’re honest, that’s when our full day really begins.  The kind of sleep you get the night before determines the quality of your following day.  Get to bed early if you can, but if you have night obligations that keep you from saying goodnight when most folks are already sleeping  you’ll need to figure out a routine that works best for you so that you are getting the proper amount of sleep for your body.

Determine what that is (9 hours, 8 hours, 7 hours?) and stick with it. I know people who survive off 4 hours of sleep nightly, but I don’t recommend it. We moms need all the rest we can possibly get.

If your body is well rested so is your mind.  You can think better and make better decisions in family and in business.

2.Start your morning off right.

Now that we’ve taken care of night routine let’s focus on the morning routine. When you wake up, what’s the first thing you do currently?  This also determines the trajectory of your day. Do you normally get a reasonable breakfast?  A light snack?  You don’t have to have a full course meal in the mornings if that’s not your thing, but getting a little healthy fuel for the day first thing is not such a bad idea.  Your brain and body cells need a nice wake-up call.  For some entrepreneurs, it’s coffee or tea. I always recommend a nice full glass of water to clear the brain first, then move on to whatever makes your mornings happy.  For me, it’s a bit of protein like scrambled eggs with a side of gluten free toast buttered with coconut oil.  That’s just my morning thing. Other mornings it’s gluten free chocolate chip pancakes on the weekends.

I also have to start off my morning with prayer and meditation.  Talking to God, clearing my thoughts, reading and meditating on scripture are what keeps my days in tact for me. It’s the glue that keeps my life from falling apart.  I need it. One week a morning I join a group of women for our weekly prayer group and study session.  This has been spiritually refreshing and also helps me get motivated for the week ahead when I have the emotional support to do life with other women who are such motivators and encouragers.

3.Set non-negotiable work hours.

The thing about our lives as mompreneurs is that it can get hectic and fast.  We have to set work hours aside so that they take priority in its proper time.  Those hours are going to typically be non-negotiable so that we can be productive.   This means setting aside a block of time where we do nothing else except the work set before us.  Use whatever you need: Google calendar, your personal planner, list apps…whatever works to help you plan for setting aside time to work.  Then when it’s time to work, pour up a cup of coffee or tea or grab your glass of water, shut the door (put a sign on it if you need to), and work!

Remember, it’s non-negotiable.  You’re not going to argue with yourself about it, or with others about it.  This is your time to work.

4.Work by a to-do list.

I just mentioned Google calendar and list apps.  For me, Google Calendar has been a life saver and I absolutely don’t do life without it. I’ve heard some people enjoy the todoist app.  Others swear by the Happy Planner or iBloom Life and Business Planner.  It ultimately doesn’t matter what tool you use so long as you create a to-do list and schedule of some sort.

It’s amazing how much a check list will get you through a work day more effectively. Just a few minutes of your time to create that list and put your tasks on your calendar can really change the way your work flows.

It’s all about finding ways to increase your productivity.  Having a to-do list keeps you orderly and organized. Your list keeps you functioning within the framework of your task list.

I have found that it is difficult for me to work without a to-do list just because I need an effective way to keep my days functioning smoothly and my work life in order.  With a to-do list, I know what’s first, then next, then last on my agenda.

I always have the freedom to shift things around on my schedule, but the main goal is to have a task list so that I know what my day looks like first thing when I wake up.  I can then make it a point to tackle my tasks as soon as possible during the day – specifically during my work hours.

5.Dismiss distractions (phone, social media).

If you can get rid of distractions, you can solve 98% of your business productivy issues.  The problem with getting rid of distractions is that it’s virtually impossible to do so.  People will always ring your doorbell, give you a phone call, text you, or shout your name from downstairs right when you’ve hatched out the most awesome post title ever and you have the best idea for your first paragraph.

The best thing to do with distractions?  Dismiss them. (Not the people, just the distractions!)  Forget they exist and keep moving.  Sound harsh?  It really isn’t.  That’s why you have voicemail, email and a doorstep waiting for the next (scheduled) visit.

As for social media, turn it off while you’re working on writing and producing content.  When you’re ready to share your content on social media then it’s time to get social!

My next few set of productivity tips have to do with how you treat yourself and interact with people around you. I think this is a good chunk of what determines just how productive you are in your daily routines.

6.Factor in a good workout.

A few mornings a week I start with stretching exercises and pilates class.  A few days a week I make an early trip over to the YMCA for group exercise classes that really get me moving!

If you haven’t tried factoring in a good workout into your daily routine, give it a shot. Not only will you feel so much better (give it a couple of weeks, though!), you will be proud of yourself for making time to take good care of your body.

Also, working out helps me think better! There’s just something about a good workout in my body followed by a good brain session. I feel more invigorated and ready to hit the day when I get exercise daily- whether that’s taking a walk a few blocks around my house or going to a group exercise class or popping in a pilates DVD.

7.Set aside fun time with your kids.

Our kids are always in need of something from us.  After all, we’re mom, and we are always in high demand.

When you’ve made a solid decision to set aside time in your day only to work, if your kids are home with you, this can be a struggle. If you don’t have help, this can be even more of a struggle.  I’ve been there, and I get it.  My kids are now old enough to entertain themselves and finish up school work without my constant prodding, but when they were younger I needed an extra pair of hands involved in my life each week to keep my business life running smoothly- if I can even call it running smoothly.

The only way for me to balance out the time I spend working on business is to make sure I’m also spending some quality time with my kids: daily.  And I’m not perfect, so there are days I’m not operating at my best mode. But I really, really try to be proactive about putting aside time to put work out of my mind and only focus on enjoying the kids.

This, for me, means taking each child aside and asking her what she wants to do with me that evening.  We could play a board game, card game, do nails, or watch a favorite show together on Netflix.  Whatever they want to do. But taking time out for my kids (beyond helping them with school work) is what keeps us connected in our relationships.

Kids need this a lot more than we think.  Just spending simple time with them can make a huge difference in your relationship (and can also help you accomplish your business goals better as you receive their cooperation in exchange!)

8.Don’t forget your partner.

I admit, it’s easy to believe that your spouse doesn’t need you quite as much as your kids do. So, we tend to leave the husbands to fend for themselves as far as time together goes.  But I encourage you to not forget him and give him just as much attention as you would want in return.

If you have an awesome husband who is extremely supportive of your life work like mine is, you’d definitely not want to leave him in the dust as you work to achieve your goals.  Don’t forget about your relationship and keep the spice flowing there too.

9.Learn to say no.

As mentioned before with the idea of turning off your phone and social media, sometimes you just have to say no.  No to impromptu visits with your friends during your office hours.  No to random one-hour phone conversations with your bestie when you’d planned to finish up your digital product.

It really is okay to say no to things that keep you distracted so that you can focus on being productive. Say yes to setting aside time for your friends later on, and yes to working on your projects during your office hours now.

Another reason to say no is when you are asked to do things that you just cannot fit into your schedule.  It’s okay to say no to requests that don’t align to your values at this time in your life.  No to people that serve as distractions or that place too much demand on your time.  These are the productivity tips that will help you set boundaries for people in your life.

10.Schedule in fun time for yourself.

Don’t forget about you.  Besides taking care of yourself (like working out) you’ve got to remember to put the right foods in your body.  So…basically, no surviving on coffee and donuts right? Eat plenty of fresh fruits and veggies and drink a ton of water.

Your body will thank you for the TLC and so will your brain and your business.

Also, don’t forget to love on yourself with your favorite music, movies or t.v. shows.  Sit down and treat yourself to a mani/pedi – either at home or out with friends at a salon.  Take a load off and curl up to read a good book in a bubble bath one evening.  Make plans to visit a jacuzzi and just chill.

The smaller things- like watching your favorite movies and listening to good music are things you can incorporate into your life daily.  If you play an instrument or paint, make sure you have time to add these valuable activities into your life.  Start weekly and then work up to daily.

For bigger things like salon or jacuzzi visits with friends- you may want to make this a monthly or quarterly ritual, something you can work up to as a big reward for all the hard work during the month.

Most of all, have fun with your life- both in work and play- and you will be a much happier person.

Did you enjoy these productivity tips?  Please let me know if they help you in your lifestyle as a mompreneur.


MIH 033:4 Ways To Overcome Business Challenges

MIH 033:4 Ways To Overcome Business Challenges

Listen to “033:4 Ways To Overcome Business Challenges” on Spreaker.

Business challenges are inevitable, but no fear. Mompreneurs have a way of maneuvering through all that life throws at us and overcoming even the toughest of challenges.

[tweetthis]Mompreneurs have a way of maneuvering through all that life throws at us.[/tweetthis]

Since I love covering topics on blogging, I thought I would focus this post on business challenges pertaining to blogging in particular.

overcome business challenges

Creating routines.

This is one of my rinse-and-repeat topics that I continue to cover but creating routines is just that important.  A major challenge to a mompreneur who makes most of her money blogging online is actually finding the time, then creating routines that help her to make blogging happen.  Since I’ve already hashed this topic out quite a bit, I’ll just simply link back to my post called Mompreneurs Are Consistent.  There’s a video there too if you want to take a look.

Finding the time.

This is major but is probably even more important than creating routines.  If you just can’t seem to squeeze in the time to blog it might seem less important to create a routine, don’t you think? Finding the time is a “little” problem every mom in business has to navigate.  My advice to you is only the same advice I take for myself: evaluate your life routines at regular intervals (weekly even!) and do an analysis of how your time is being spent.  Change, tweak, rearrange until you are able to find the time to accomplish what you need to.

Sometimes you’ll need to get up earlier and sometimes you’ll need to go to bed later.  You may need to cut out some activities from your life. Do what needs to be done in order to get where you need to go.

Finding the money.

“Money doesn’t grow on trees”, we often hear people say. And though that may be true, it’s also quite possible to accomplish a lot on a shoestring budget.  You’d be amazed at how much you can accomplish on a budget.

Realistically, you’ll want to build up your business to the point where you’ll soon be able to invest more into it.  But for starters, please don’t feel overwhelmed by the thought of needing to borrow money. There are so many amazing resources and tools that are free, including blogging platforms, plugins, and mailing list providers that you literally can start a lucrative blog for free.  Well, almost free.  The one thing you do have to spend is your time.

Getting past negativity

How about negative comments on your blog posts, or worst, unsupportive friends and relatives who don’t understand what you do in business?  How do you get past this?

One of the most important things to remember when running your business is that regardless of those who are not on your side, there are plenty of folks out there who are either neutral or want to be on your team.  The hard part is initially getting past all the negativity. If you can figure out how to wade past the negative people and circumstances, you would have overcome a large portion of your business challenges.

Figure out what’s important to you and go for it.  Don’t look to the right or to the left, just keep moving and pressing forward.  Receive support from those who are on your team and build up yourself by surrounding yourself with the positive supporters.  Join support groups and find new friends if you have to!


VIDEO: Mompreneurs Are Consistent

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So, how do you overcome business challenges?  Leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

Gratefulness in business: A Mompreneur Success Key

Gratefulness in business: A Mompreneur Success Key

Gratefulness in business is what keeps a mompreneur’s life in balance.

Let’s face it- we moms in business have a lot of tasks to accomplish over the course of a day, week, month, quarter, or year.  We are busy.  We’re busy with business goals, with family life, with personal issues, and financial pressures. In the midst of all of our  busy-ness, can we still find the strength to stay grateful?

I’ll tell you who and what I’m grateful for. I’m grateful for the life I’ve been given, grateful for my husband and children who support me in my endeavors.

I’m grateful for opportunity. Here in America we are so blessed to have the opportunity to become entrepreneurs and to make a flexible business opportunity work for us.  I know many of you can say the same for Canada or the U.K and other countries around the world.  When we realize that although we are the minority (those working for a company vs. those starting our own companies), that we are fortunate to be in this position, we can count our many blessings.  The freedom and flexibility that comes with being your own boss is priceless.  Yes, hard work and labor ensue once you sign up for this lifestyle, but at this point in my life I don’t think I could trade it in for the 9-5.  Been there, done that.

I’m grateful for my clients: people who pay me to help them make their business lives function better online.  I love tapping into their dreams and helping them birth their vision into reality.

I’m grateful for health.  Without it, what can I do?  Nothing.  Every day I’m grateful to God for vitamins and supplements, whole foods, and health care when I need it. I appreciate all the many fitness facilities and programs available. (It makes me realize I don’t have an excuse in the world not to work out every week).  Without exercise and proper nutrition, we get weak and sick and we don’t have the strength to make wise decisions in business.

So, do you feel that sense of gratefulness in business?  How are you grateful?

VIDEO: Mompreneurs Stay Consistent!

VIDEO: Mompreneurs Stay Consistent!

Before we get this show rolling, let’s first narrow down the consistency meaning.  Let’s define consistency before we get started.

According to BusinessDictionary.com, here is what we have for “consistency” regarding business:

1.Logically ordered and/or following the same pattern. For example, a salesperson’s growth is usually consistent with his or her company’s earnings.
2.Unchanging; steady. For example, a person that arrives exactly 5 minutes early to work every day is consistently punctual or on-time.

As you can see right away, the consistency meaning shows us that there is logic, order, patterns, steadiness, and stability present in one who is consistent.

How does that apply to mompreneurs?  
When you’re inconsistent, your business could come to a grinding halt.  

It’s so important to reach out to your clients, reach out to your prospects, write a blog post, do something- to keep your moment going.  It’s so, so easy to lose momentum and to get lost in attempting to catch up.  Don’t let that be you.  As long as you have the strength and the motivation, keep things rolling.
Batch scheduling
Life happens, but you can get through the tough times after taking the break that you need. That’s why it’s so cool to batch schedule as part of your regular routine.  If you can get a bit ahead of the game by creating two blog posts instead of one each time you sit down to blog, you can be ahead of the game.

Keep as close as possible to a routine

My life can be adventurous, and sometimes I don’t know if I’ll be in town from month to month as I travel spontaneously with my husband, thanks to the U.S. Navy.  Which means- my routines stem from what I can take with me in a bag. What is versatile? What’s easy for me transport?  So, I have my laptop, a notebook, pens and pencils, my podcasting mixer and mic, my DSLR camera, and phone.  I can literally set up from a hotel or anywhere and get some work done.  If my routine can’t be the same because I’m out of town, I learn to adapt and create a new routine, but the deal is: I must have a routine for business.

Be creative and do what you can.

If your kids are very young, it’s still possible to work your biz.  You’ll have to get extremely creative: ask for help, hire a mother’s helper, grab a relative or friend, start a babysitting coop, but get something going on a weekly basis that will help you to move forward in your business endeavors.

You see how important this consistency meaning is?  We’ve talked about being orderly, following patterns, being unchanging and steady.  Sure, our lives change.  Our situations and circumstances change.  But in moving forward with being an entrepreneur, our business goals must remain steadfast and steady.  And in order to get where we’re going, our momentum cannot continue to fluctuate.  We must be steadfast.  That’s why mompreneurs have to be consistent.

I touch on this topic also at the Mompreneurs In Heels Podcast, so be sure to check that out.

So…do you feel that you are consistent in business? If not, what’s keeping you from consistency?  Is it family, health, life in general?  What gets in your way?  Leave me a note…and don’t forget to check out my book to help give you that kickstart toward a steady mompreneur lifestyle.