Listen to “MIH 051:How to treat your business like a garden” on Spreaker.
I’ve learned that owning and operating a business is very much like gardening. There are moments you put in a lot of work only to have to step back and allow it to grow. Other times we have to be more hands-on, give out garden a few sprinkles of water and be more attentive to its needs. In order to grow a business that thrives we should think of nourishing a business the way we might a garden.

How to treat your business like a garden

On this podcast I’m sharing some ways we can do just that! Here is the basic outline:

  1. Start with a seed.
  2. Plant the seed in good soil.
  3. Water it.
  4. Give it sunshine
  5. Watch it grow!

Listen in to hear my thoughts this week. I’d love to hear yours, too…just comment below and I’ll be sure to respond.