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I teach women how to profit with your blog and run an online business while supporting your family on the home front.

I’d love to help you do the same.

Hi there. I’m Demetria, and I teach women how to run an online business while supporting your family.

There are so many pieces to running an online business, and it can become so overwhelming!  You might be asking yourself:

Why should I blog?  How will this profit my business?

How do I drive traffic to my blog?

How do I build a community of committed followers (aka- “grow my tribe”)?

How do I create profitable services and products my followers really want and need?

What about search engine optimization and social media marketing?


Also, just so you know why I began Mompreneurs In Heels, I’ve always loved my role as a mother and was raised to believe that parenting your child is one of the best jobs a mom could ever have.  But...I didn’t want to let go of my business ambitions either.

So…how could I celebrate both motherhood and entrepreneurship?  

How could I balance both?  

And how could I begin and sustain this online business that would benefit my family in the long run without neglecting either?

I had all these questions, and more, as a mompreneur.

When I started my first online business in 2004 before social media I had to rely mainly on word-of-mouth advertising and online marketing on message boards.  And I had to strike out on faith and a whim that somebody in my niche market (women in business) would need my web design services.  I wasn’t trained as a web designer, but with a whole lot of faith and a drive to learn more, I struck out in the world with a desire to see my business goals come to fruition.

I won’t lie to you- the journey wasn’t sugar-coated. It was hard.  There were months I made $0 and a few times I slipped in the hole with a negative balance.  I wondered how I could balance motherhood with business.  I almost called it off as a ‘no-can-do’.  There were days that I seriously considered the balance of parenting and business to be non-existent.

Thankfully, I learned that patience alone wasn’t going to cut it: I needed mentors.  In the early 2000’s my online mentors were successful internet marketers of the time: Derek Gehl of the Internet Marketing Center, Dr. Ken Evoy (founder of Site Sell It), Alex Mandossian, and Yanik Silver. (Yes, this is dating me- but I thought you should know just how serious I was about learning this marketing stuff!)

With mentors and training programs in place – and after a two-year stint of graduate school where I received my masters degree in Interactive Technology- I felt “slightly” ready to tackle an online business. (But who’s every truly ready?)

And I still needed to allow myself the grace to run a business while being a fully engaged mom.

I decided to give myself the grace.

At this time I had also begun three other podcasts, in addition to becoming an all-around podcasting advocate and speaker. I formed the Internet Radio Podcast Bootcamp, a virtual course which I created and taught to many business owners who then went on to create their own podcasts. This program was circulated by press release and picked up in several media outlets around the mid-south.

Needless to say, this was a major plus for me in helping to boost my vision for business! I knew that if I could finally do this, I could help other mompreneurs do the same.

That’s why my passion and calling is to the business mom community- because I know how badly you want to be successful and how willing you are to do the hard work.

Mompreneurs in Heels exists to support entrepreneurial moms through motivation, education, and encouragement.  I am here to help you find the perfect balance for your life as a mom AND an online business owner. And I want to show you the steps to running a successful online business.

I want to show you how to piece it all together.

I believe you can do both:  be an entrepreneur and a great mom!  You can balance business with family. It is possible and doable.  

I believe in giving back, so I support the mompreneur community through connections and introductions.  In other words, I like to interview successful moms in business on my podcast, and share their expertise with my listeners.

I wrote a book entitled Mompreneurs In Heels: A Guide To Passionate, Purposeful Blogging. I encourage you to purchase the book if you need a jump start at starting your online business.

One of my biggest joys comes from knowing that I’ve helped a mom figure out the online blogging world and the key to watching her balance in PayPal increase! Meanwhile, she is enjoying her family, has time with her children, and feels very much involved in both home and business.  It puts a smile on my face very time.

I feel grateful to have been interviewed by Jeremy Jesenovac on his podcast- The Homeschool Leadercast, where I talked about my experiences as a homeschool mom as well as my ventures as a mompreneur.  Listen to the interview.

I’m also super grateful to Mompreneur Media for a thumbs-up in November 2014 as well as my featured interview in the January 2015 issue of the Million Moms In Action Magazine.

A few more tidbits about me (just in case you are wondering):

*I’ve been an online business consultant for 13 years. (I was in parenting mode in all those years, and as a result, had to take a few small hiatuses here and there.  Hence, my passion to help mompreneurs.)

*I’ve helped many businesses establish a web presence through website design, internet marketing helps, brand consulting, blogging support, and podcast consulting, and …if we’re the right fit, I can’t wait to help you!

*I was picked up in the media in 2006 for having produced the first teleseminar about podcasting for entrepreneurs and ministries, which was totally exciting.  In fact, my local city newspaper ran an article about my first podcast in 2006, which reached thousands of listeners worldwide!

That was a pretty humbling and awesome experience.

*Over the past decade, I’ve helped many entrepreneurs such as life coaches, authors, artists, songwriters, and t.v. personalities turn their passions into profit through podcasting, content creation, list-building, and blogging.   My past clients vary and range from churches, small business start-ups, artists, a former beauty pageant winner and an Extreme Home Makeover (television series) recipient.

My goal today is to help YOU!

My passion currently is for mompreneurs- helping the wahm (work at home mom) to get her online business launched.

If that is you- I’m here to support you!


I’m actually pretty excited to share that I’ve taught a host of different courses and workshops on various online business topics.  This just means more helpful info for you during our coaching sessions!

I’ve provided both group and individual coaching and consulting for corporations, professional artists, national authors, and other entrepreneurs.  My workshops have included topics such as:

*integrating social media and marketing strategies into business plans

*how to begin podcasting and blogging for business profitability

*beginning e-newsletter campaigns

*using relationship marketing techniques

I’ve also provided individual coaching sessions for one-on-one training on search engine optimization and podcast setup,  as well as designed many client websites, graphics,  and blogs.

view my client testimonials

I’m a digital marketer who loves creating spaces to serve women online and globally. I’m also a mom who happens to enjoy business, and I believe it is possible to do both successfully. If you’re a mom in business (or about to be), I’m here to encourage and assist you on your journey!

This space is all about helping mompreneurs figure out ways to rock your blog and contribute to your family financially while being the awesome parent, wife, or friend your family craves and that you were meant to be. Listen to my podcast and you’ll hear a motto I created just for you:


Slip Out Of Those Slippers And Into Those Heels. The time is now. You can do this, mompreneur!

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